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eBay Malware Alert From Windows 10 Edge Browser

8:37 AM
eBay Unsafe Content Warning

eBay shoppers are Seeing RED Literally. An Unsafe Content Warning is blocking sellers descriptions, according to eBay community forums. This malware alert is coming from Microsoft Windows 10 and it’s Edge Browser. It’s anyone’s best guess if this is a false positive. eBay is well known for malware alerts. From the selling community forum. It […]

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eBay And Member Security Still Does Not Compute

9:40 AM
eBay And Member Security

Another dangerous eBay security vulnerability was recently discovered by researchers. This allows fraudsters using a highly advanced coding technique known as JSfuck, to install malware on unsuspecting members smartphones. We have been observing eBay security vulnerabilities back as far as 2004, examples are Here Here and Here. Why they allow this sloppy security is anyone’s best […]

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PayPal Credentials For Sale On Dark Web

5:07 PM
PayPal Accounts For Sale

An enterprising cyber criminal has opened an underground shop that peddles access to American PayPal accounts which are then accessible through an anonymous proxy service. “Webroot’s Dancho Danchev claims that the shop currently has access to 1,543 accounts along with an additional 14 sets of PayPal credentials belonging to British citizens. The prices vary from […]

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StupidToy99: eBay Customer Service Failure

7:50 PM
Forum Shill AKA Sock Puppet

StupidToy99, I sincerely feel sorry for your loss. Unfortunately, you are not the only one that has become a victim of, In my personal opinion, eBay’s sloppy unsecured system. Rarely has there been a day that Google’s safe browsing report has not found some form of Malware or Exploit on eBay.com. Complaining on eBay’s forums […]

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Whats Your Chance Getting Infected By eBay Malware

11:07 AM
Feel Like Gambling?

Could you get infected with Malware just by visiting eBay.com? Doc read a motors forum discussion about eBay TRS StupidToy99 got a computer virus and was scammed. The fact is there are Malware Trojans and Exploits on eBay.com. It’s a well known fact among savvy internet users like myself. And it’s been this way for […]

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Is eBay Malware and Exploits Infecting Other Websites

7:48 PM
Google Safe Browsing Report For eBay.com 02/01/2013

I was just looking at Google’s eBay safe browsing report. I’m no malware expert, but it appears if you just happen to land on one of those infected pages you will get infected too. Wonder if this had anything to do with this eBay Top Rated Seller that lost $8500 buying a car on eBay […]