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Vehicle Scam Topics Overwhelming eBay Motors Community Forum

5:46 PM
vehicle scam topics ebay community

Apparently motor-vehicle scam topics are overwhelming eBay Motors community forum. There’s not much motor-head chatter or questions about cars and car parts etc that would normally be found in an automotive forum. Management must be trying to limit the car scam questions by pinning this post to the top. Gone are the days when this […]

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Rise And Fall Of eBay Motors Credibility And Trust

12:41 PM
Documentary What Happened To eBay Motors

Video documentary about how corporate short term gains and massive concealed auction fraud killed eBay Motors. The most trustworthy vehicle trading venue ever conceived on the Internet! eBay Motors original concept was to sell and complete your car sale on the motors website. It was a suspendable offense to lure a buyer off the motors […]

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eBay Cash Register Goes Ka-ching Deadbeat Bidder

4:49 PM
Another eBay Deadbeat Bidder

Another eBay Zero Feedback Member cost this Harley Davidson motorcycle seller $125.00. eBay loves scammers and deadbeat bidders that win auctions or click unprotected buy-now listings. Their cash register goes ka-ching and sends the seller an email congratulating them for a successful transaction. At that time the seller is charged a successful transaction service fee. […]

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10 Years Watching eBay Car Scams & Auction Fraud

9:31 AM
Medved eBay Auction Chart 03/05/2007

Summary of 10 years watching eBay Auction Fraud and Used Car Scams. Buyers and Sellers were conned out of their money by slick-talking fraudsters and bad sellers. These observations destroyed buyer and seller trust and well-established community values. It is Doc’s belief, that had Meg Whitman taken a stand against fraud and misrepresentation back in […]


Joseph Stalin’s 1937 Packard Listed On eBay

11:43 AM
Joseph Stalin 1937 Packard Super 12 Limousine

The ABC7 I-Team uncovers a Russian mystery that stretches 5,000 miles and ends up in Illinois. A priceless gift from a ruthless dictator is in a local museum, and now, it’s causing an international incident. As the brutal Russian Premier Joseph Stalin clamped down on the Soviet Union, millions of his people were starving to […]

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eBay Phishing Second Chance Offer Scams 07/06/13

10:18 AM
2011 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited eBay Scam 221250331590

This is an example of severe abuse of the eBay motors system, and they are doing absolutely nothing to stop it! “Scammers are listing what i call “sucker bait scam cars” and are cancelling bids to keep the auction price low. They hope you will contact them for more photos or details. They also will […]

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eBay Store ATO And 1970 Superbird $27,800

9:27 AM
Google Safe Browsing Report For eBay.com 05/28/2013

Today we have another hijacked eBay sellers account Or ATO in eBay speak. Mercedes Benz Of Elmbrook with 5 scam cars up and running. And yesterdays 1970 Superbird BIN for only $27,800 is up to $100,099 and be sure to check this ones bid history out. We also mention Google’s safe browsing report for eBay.com […]

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eBay Ending FREE History Reports For Motors Sellers

7:54 PM
eBay Motors Announcing No FREE History Report For The High Rollers Club Members.

Are you a member of the eBay Motors High Rollers Club? According to this announcement taking effect 04/01/2012. eBay is no longer giving away it’s FREE Experian Auto Check history reports to sellers. Beginning April 1, 2012, eBay Motors will allow high-volume sellers – sellers that list 7 or more vehicles locally and/or nationally per […]

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eBay False Bids – Profiting By Hiding Bidder ID

10:12 AM
eBay Hiding Bidder Id's Protect The Scam Bidders - And Make eBay Money!

Another Seller crying about getting stung by an eBay Deadbeat Bidder. And It’s been that way for what seems like forever. Going to the eBay Forums and complaining accomplishes nothing. The regulars will tell you it’s your fault and tell you how to get a final value fee refund. But other than that your stuck […]

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eBay Motors Directors Of Misinformation Poor Advice

2:39 PM
eBay Directors Of Misinformation

Doc observed this post on eBay’s Motors Discussion Board this morning from a buyer that apparently bought this 2010 Ford F-150 Pickup truck from a private seller, and was asking for advice how to pay for it and receive the title. One of the discussion board community support members told the guy to be sure […]

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eBay Employee Busted On Fraud Awareness Website

2:52 PM
Are eBay's Ears Ringing

It’s interesting that someone behind eBay’s Corporate Network would be commenting on posts on this website. Though they usually go through a proxy server to hide their true identity. This commenter followed a link to one of our postings over from Cappnonymous forums (another thorn in eBay’s side) where someone posted a link to THIS […]

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