Is eBay Trying To Shoot The Messenger Again

6:59 PM
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Had some severely degraded server performance that started Saturday around noon. “Images that normally loaded lightning fast were loading at what looked like an old 300 baud modem speed. Trying to download a recent backup file was impossible as it was so slow it timed out.” Come Sunday it was still degraded. So i put […]


Consumer Fraud Awareness Car Buying Website DDOS Attack

3:09 PM
Consumer Fraud Awareness Website DDOS Attack

In July 2011 motor vehicle specific consumer fraud awareness website eBay Motors Sucks was the victim of a Devastating DDOS AttackĀ that took it offline for over a week. It appears eBay Inc ordered the crippling attack. style=”font-weight: normal;”>At that time, unknown to me the FBI was investigating scammers using eBay vehicle purchase protection (VPP) brand […]

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