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eBay Live Support Chat With A VPP Scammer

8:06 AM
Beware of FAKE eBay Live Support Websites

Here is an integral part of a fraudster’s VPP live support operation exposed by video screen capture. We reveal how fraud like this is stealing consumer’s money! Scammers often use these fake live chat support websites to add legitimacy to their fraudulent operations. vpp-live-support.com is not eBay! And neither is vpp-online-support.com! Read my popular article: […]


eBay XSS Redirect Scam Still Going 5 Days Later

11:10 AM
2007 Chevy Tahoe XSS Redrict Scam

eBay Item Number: 320499691440 has been running for nearly 6 Days out of a 7 Day Auction. It changes from an Auction to a BUY NOW after redirecting to harmonyebay.com where if you click that BUY NOW BUTTON it authenticates your confidential eBay user name and password and gives the scammer your eBay info. From […]