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Phishing Scams Continue On eBay NO END In Sight!

10:37 AM
Know The Internet Car Scam Warning Signs

Fraudsters are up bright and early listing their phishing auctions. Every day it seems there are new FREE seller accounts registered with high dollar vehicles listed for sale. “Yep every vehicle seller gets SIX FREE listings in a 12 month period. They burn up the account and come back for more under another ID. It’s […]

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eBay Store ATO And 1970 Superbird $27,800

9:27 AM
Google Safe Browsing Report For eBay.com 05/28/2013

Today we have another hijacked eBay sellers account Or ATO in eBay speak. Mercedes Benz Of Elmbrook with 5 scam cars up and running. And yesterdays 1970 Superbird BIN for only $27,800 is up to $100,099 and be sure to check this ones bid history out. We also mention Google’s safe browsing report for eBay.com […]

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Fraudster Hijacks eBay Car Dealer Lists Scam Auctions

5:23 PM
mstundon42@yahoo.com eBay Motors Automobile Scams

Today we feature an eBay Motors hijacked car dealers account where fraudsters have listed several scam cars. These scams feature two BMW’s, a Maserati, and a Chevy Tahoe. But the dealers legitimate listings “using the eBay motors dealer center template” also just plain stinks. Is that what eBay Motors staffers are teaching dealers at their […]

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