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High Feedback eBay Member Defrauded Of $15,200

xss redirect fraud ebay motors

Here is the story of an eBay member in good standing since 2001 with a total feedback score of 812 – that is 100% positive. It appears this member was the a victim of xss cross site scripting redirect fraud. In this eBay Motors Forum thread he claims he was scammed out of $15,200 on […]

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A Not So Common eBay Motors Scam Explained

Should I Sell My Car On eBay?

This is not the usual run of the mill used car scam where the fraudster is plastering a BIG BUY NOW PRICE and Screaming Contact Me in the listing. It actually looks like an amateur seller with a simple text description and 1 photo. An under bidder was contacted by the seller and offered a […]


Example eBay Hijacked Account Motor Vehicle Scam

Toyota Tundra Pickup on Hijacked Act

The owner of this Toyota Tundra Pickup located in Iowa tried to sell it on eBay Motors. Scammers stole his photos VIN and Description then listed it for HALF Price on a hijacked eBay account. Support ended HIS listing while the scam continued to run. He tried to get eBay support to remove the scam […]

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Beware Of eBay Vehicle Purchase Protection Scams

Example eBay Motors Vehicle Identity Theft Scam Invoice For SUV Payment

Beware of fraudsters offering unrealistically low-priced cars trucks, vans, SUVs, and motorcycles on eBay Motors and elsewhere on the net. Scammers are also running fraudulent second chance offers that could steal your money and identity. Despite hiding eBay user IDs, fraudsters are somehow offering phony second chance offers. It seems like every time the eCommerce […]


1968 Corvette eBay Scam – Beware Fraudsters Ahead

1968 Corvette

Just like the good Old eBay Days – Ole H Luis is busy scamming this holiday season. Beware of shady deals that seem too good to be true. If the vehicle is listed on Craigslist and the seller want’s to have eBay handle the payment BEWARE It’s A Scam! Review Doc’s scam auction archive dating […]