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Why Do People Buy Cars Out Of State Without An Inspection

used car purchased out-of-state no inspection

Buying a used car out-of-state without having it inspected is a foolish buying decision. This is especially true for automobiles with salvage or rebuilt titles. Another unhappy car buyer is crying the blues over this 2016 Chevy Malibu that was in a flood. There’s a reason this car was bought at HALF of the book value!

used car purchased out-of-state no inspection
This 2016 Chevy Malibu a previous flood car was purchased out-of-state without an inspection. The buyer is upset with the seller.

Update 07/15/19: Apparently this seller’s ID has been changed to rebuiltcars0199. Feedback is still good but always inspect used cars bought online. Cover Yer ASS!! 😉

This seller has high feedback and has been a motors member since 2013. Regardless it’s often said that sellers trade a check for the positive feedback. That’s especially true for used car dealers, been there done that back in my selling days many moons ago.

However, when first looking at this vehicle for sale ad (253979784617) the seller clearly stated it has a 2017 Engine. To me, that’s a big red flag screaming out STOP!

Used car 2016 Malibu sale ad states 2017 turbo engine

From the motors forum: (spelling sentencing corrected for readability and seo.)

I am completely disgusted after buying a car from rebuiltcars019. The ad says salvage title. OK. Seller states vehicle title salvage due to being in a flood zone. ZERO evidence of water entry.

So I buy the car and have it shipped to me.

(1) CAR had bad rust on the seat frames
(2) bad rust on the dipstick-yes oil dipstick
(3) mud and debris in the trunk
(4) rust under the hood
(5) water lines in the car
(6) damaged tires
(7) dent in the fender
(8) engine light on
(9) bad engine misfires – cannot be driven

Seller rebuiltcars019 says cars in tip-top no issues performs as it should.

Told I wanted a refund. They said OK – I pay the shipping to return and they will refund but only when they have a car, and title, and I pay to ship a second time. Along with bad tire repairs, and missing locking lug-nut tool – must pay to have them removed.

So now I have a car with bad tires – wheels locked on, can’t drive, wet under the seats. After wrestling with seller – rebuiltcars019 He told me to F-OFF. They will pay to get the bad feedback removed and F-ME.

Exactly what happened. EBAY said that I did not go to Florida and look at the car. Regardless of the condition and what the ad posted which my lawyer says is consumer fraud. Attorney also says because EBAY said no harm or foul by the seller EBAY would definitely lose this in court, especially in Florida.

So I got F***** badly by seller rebuiltcars019 and by EBAY. I guess soon eBay will begin hassling me even though I have 100% feedback since 2002. I am so freaking mad. Out about 10k. This is complete **bleep**. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM rebuiltcars019. They are liars-cheaters, scammers!


Looks like this one could be headed to court. Personally speaking, It’ll probably be the seller suing the buyer for slander or other damages. The seller clearly stated inspection is welcome. For around $200 a mobile vehicle inspection can be easily obtained. I would prefer a properly repaired collision-damaged used car over one that’s been swimming.

Today’s automobiles are an electrical nightmare of components that are sensitive to water and expensive to replace, and many components must be programmed by the dealer. And *IF* it was salt water the wiring will eventually corrode into a green mush!

The best bet when buying a used car out-of-state is to have it Inspected FIRST before purchasing! And be sure to read my used car buying and selling internet guide. 😉

It’s a well-known fact among many sellers, that front-line-ready quality used cars will not make a profit on eBay Motors. After publishing this article i googled this seller up and found this video from 2017. Another buyer is saying the same. Further investigation revealed that the seller id was ibozi20133 that no longer exists, and could have been changed.


Why Used Motor Vehicles Should Be Sold AS-IS

1991 TOYOTA MR2 Why Sell AS-IS

It’s best to sell your used car truck van motorcycle boat etc AS-IS With NO Warranty expressed or implied. Buyers no doubt will find faults on used automobiles. This opens the door to sale price renegotiation or threats of legal action.

1991 TOYOTA MR2 151384664224 JT2SW21N7M0011847No matter how good of condition you think your used car is in. A buyer might find something to quibble about and want their money back.

This private party offered a 1 owner 1991 Toyota MR2 for sale. Seller stated in his advertisement for the car it was in excellent condition.

We’re inclined to believe this by looking at the photos. But this car has a lot of miles on it. And according to it’s vehicle history report has been registered in several states. Two of the states it was registered in were Indiana and Ohio. Seller also mentioned the car has studded snow tires mounted. Seller also stated it was used as a winter car in a forum topic. Winter usage was not disclosed in the listing description that we could see. Unless that verbiage was in the listings Q&A hidden from public view.

No matter how nice that little MR2 looked on the outside, I would suspect undercarriage rust and corrosion. Northern states are often called “the rust belt” are prone to rust and undercarriage damage.

In order to help melt snow and ice they use rock salt and sodium chloride on the roads. This can do major damage to a cars undercarriage in a short time. Plus a small car like a MR2 sits so low in the road it stands to get more damage. By 1991 sheet metal the uni-body is made of got pretty thin. It could possibly have sustained major damage without it’s owner knowledge.

I listed a 1991 MR2 recently that I believed was in excellent condition and stated so in the title of the sale. I needed to get rid of this car immediately before spending additional funds on re-titling, licensing and storing the car in NC, and put a $500 minimum on this so the price would not hold up the sale. Read the rest of sellers forum topic here.

The buyer should have inspected the car or had it inspected by an inspection company. The seller should have put the verbiage on their listing page “This car sold AS-IS with NO-Warranty Implied” possibly going one step further to say. “If it breaks in half – you own both halves” It’s just that simple.

1991 TOYOTA MR2 151384664224 EBAY JT2SW21N7M0011847

1991 MR2 151384664224 HISTORY JT2SW21N7M0011847

Want to avoid a possible confrontation about your vehicles condition? Be sure to ADD this verbiage “AS IS NO WARRANTY” to your cars for sale ad. If your car has it’s balance of available Factory Warranty Remaining. You should still state you are not giving any warranty with it. Factory warranty covers the vehicle itself not the owner that possesses it. Cover Your ASS!

Here is a short audio snippet from Doc explaining why AS-IS Sale is best.

Doc also suggests using a state approved Bill Of Sale. If your bill of sale does not contain the terms of sale such as AS IS. Be sure to add the above verbiage to it. Call your or search your local motor vehicle bureau for a bill of sale you can print out.

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Don’t Buy A Car Without An Inspection First

another eBay motors northern rust bucket

Here’s a Rusty Lexus SUV that was purchased online without a vehicle inspection. The word TRUST is a five letter word with no meaning. It’s imperative to inspect the vehicle first before purchasing on a long distance deal. Otherwise you might not be happy with the car you receive.

another eBay motors northern rust bucket

Also a word to the wise about buying a car from the northeast area, or anywhere where they use rock salt and sodium chloride on the roads.

We like to jokingly call these the rust bucket states. That rock salt just eats up a car. The undercarriage and under the hood is where the greatest damage occurs.

That’s just the way it is. Unless a northern car is garaged in the winter it will be a rust bucket in 3-6 years. And we are not counting the sliding on the ice and crashing into something. Most northern vehicles have been hit at least once.

I know a dealer down south who bought late model 2wd trucks and suv’s in the middle of a northern winter at auction. The auctioneer would holler out “2 Wheel Drive” and the bidders would scatter like roaches when someone turned the lights on. I remember the salt truck as we used to call it pull in with a load of cars. Looking up you could see just how much damage was done in only a year or two.

It’s advisable to use to scan for a sellers previous negative feedback. Do this first if considering buying a vehicle on eBay Motors. Sales people have been known to exaggerate the truth. And also tell flat out lies about a vehicles condition.

Buyer posted this on the motors forum: I have been looking for an older Model Lexus / Land Cruiser for awhile and came upon one listed
I called the number listed and spoke with a salesman and felt comfortable with going ahead with the purchase. Feedback was over 400, I was assured the care was in great condition and rust free.

I was asked if I would deal directly with them since it would save them money not going through eBay and the listing was ending. They had good feedback and went ahead. (you don’t have to respond to this, I know I should not of. I am writing this as a warning to others)

I received and reviewed the contract and they had added an additional charged for Vin Etching of 275.00. This is where the dealer makes a great deal of money on customers imprinting the vin number on the car windows. There are kits online for 25$ to do yourself.

I told them , no that I did not want any additional services. They told me it would be removed. I received the final processed contract and it had not been removed and I was told it would immediately be refunded to my credit/debit card. It has not.

I received the vehicle in considerable contrast to the pictures and description. The vehicle has a severe rust problem, missing items shown in the pictures, AC does not work, it is leaking fluid from the differential, and rust falls off it when I close the back hatch.

I called the dealership who would not call me back. I wrote an email to the salesman stating I was going to complain to the BBB, AG’s office and other avenues. I soon got a threatening voice mail from the owner stating he would sue me if I even wrnt to the BBB and complained. He stated he has done it before and will again. He told me his lawyer would be in contact with me.

Here are just a couple of pics from the listing to show you what was listed and what I received. Do your due diligence, sellers like this are out there and will try to bully you with threats from speaking out. And yes, always do your transactions on eBay . I have sent my formal complaints to the available resources. Here is a link to my pictures if interested.

Original eBay Motors forum post by member latse about misrepresented Lexus LX470.
Original eBay Motors forum post by member latse about misrepresented Lexus LX470.

Updated 03/22/2014: I dug into this a little deeper today and here is my personal opinion as a former dealer with 40+ years in the business.

2002 Lexus LX470 Buyers Invoice Photo JTJHT00W623517607
2002 Lexus LX470 Buyers Invoice Photo JTJHT00W623517607

This Lexus LX470 VIN: JTJHT00W623517607 was found in a Google cached search of the dealers stock number. Unfortunately the JavaScript photo viewer does not work on a cached page. Most likely the images are already deleted from the server.

Judging from looking at the photos the buyer took of the engine compartment. Id say it’s quite possible the seller did use photos from another LX470 for his engine compartment shots.

Buyer said there are pieces missing, possibly the engine cover? Also if you look at the sellers photo of the engine compartment you will see it’s been sprayed with an armor-all type of dressing to improve the appearance.

In the photos below of the engine compartment that the buyer took there is no dressing that i could see. The plastic cover is missing, and the right side engine photo shows major rust and corrosion on various components. Look over toward the battery and note there does not appear to be any dressing applied.

It’s a sickening feeling to put your trust in someone and be lied to. Judging from what the buyer stated on the eBay motors forum it appears that is the case in this situation. Possibly the photos from another LX470 were indeed used in this eBay listing.

Even if the buyer would have done the transaction on eBay the VPP would not have covered this SUV anyway. eBay Motors vehicle purchase protection has many limitations. One is any vehicle that is 10 years old or older is not covered. You can read the fine print here. It’s advisable to use to scan for a sellers previous negative feedback.

Don’t commit to buying a car online until you have read my popular article: Used Car Buying And Selling Internet Advice.

Lexus LS470 Rust on deck lid
Lexus LS470 Rust on deck lid. Buyer claims slamming the hatch down rust falls out. Typical 12 year old northern vehicle.
Lexus LX470 sellers photo of engine compartment.
Lexus LX470 sellers photo of engine compartment. It’s sprayed with dressing to improve appearance. Plastic cover is attached.
Lexus LX470 Photo of engine compartment.
Lexus LX470 engine photo taken by buyer. Plastic cover is missing and note the oil cap and other areas lack of dressing.
Lexus LX470 engine compartment area photo taken by buyer
Lexus LX470 engine compartment photo taken by the buyer. Look at the air box and battery etc. No dressing applied.

And if getting a raw deal was not bad enough. There’s nothing like the insult and ridicule a buyer gets when going to the motors forum to ask for advice.

Yea Black*Max maybe eBay should shut this forum down. It’s not doing any service for the community (if you can even call this a community anymore.) A buyer has a problem and not one eBay member did any real investigation into this situation.

eBay Motors Forum Discussion U19780220
Motors Forum discussion about this vehicle’s condition and any possible responsibility of the seller.
Lexus LX470 JTJHT00W623517607 Lucky Motors Elmhurst IL
Lexus LX470 listing acquired from a Google cached page. Other photos were not available. Same SUV? JTJHT00W623517607

As usual.. Just my two cents worth 😉


Horrible Buying Experience On Salvage Title Cadillac SRX

Cadillac SRS Previous Accident

This guy bought a 2015 Cadillac SRX Luxury Edition Crossover advertised with a Rebuilt / Salvage Title. Seller disclosed previous accident damage, and stated what was done to repair the car. Seller also has trustworthy feedback from other buyers.

Cadillac SRS Previous Accident
Here’s a good example why out of area used car buyers should have salvage title vehicles inspected.

This Cadillac SRX sold for $13,700 with a salvage / rebuilt title. NADA Guides lists average trade in value at $18,250 with clean retail at $22,175 for a car with a clean title. It’s often said in the used car business, you get what you paid for.

Seller claims the Cadillac SRX had a left front fender and drivers door hung on it, with paintwork to match. Seller does not mention the SRS (air-bags) system, but a left front collision was sure to set off the airbags and side curtains.

Seller also disclosed the car was purchased at an insurance auction, with a previous salvage title. That Cadillac SRX appears to have some form of previous damage to be issued a salvage title. That’s my opinion from reading the sellers description.

This topic source is from eBay community motors forum. The topic itself is one huge paragraph, and very hard to read. Looks like a Facebook post where paragraphs are not allowed. Buyer said it took weeks to get the salvage title converted to rebuilt status. Further info on rebuilt / salvage titles is in my car buying guide.

Buyer claims it took close to a month to receive the car. Seller bumped the Cadillac SRX shipping quote up from $450 to $950. A/C is making a whining noise (Compressor.) Lots of warning indicators were on. Buyer also nitpicked little things like the oil life remaining warning was on (oil change time.)

Seller had excellent photos that were probably what sold the car. His listing text / html is horrible. In-proper layout with poor wording and exceeds the page width, requiring scrolling right to left to read. Buyer paid 3 arms and two legs for this Cadillac SRX, which in my humble opinion was junk when new. GM the mark of crap!

This bad experience could have been avoided if this Cadillac SRX buyer did his homework FIRST before purchasing. I’ve always advised internet vehicle buyers to have their car inspected. Spend a couple hundred on a professional vehicle inspection before sending payment. Also verify the title status.

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eBay Motors The Junk Car Dumping Ground

Junk Car Being Transported To New Owner

Buying a used car on eBay Motors or elsewhere on the net? As a rule, used car junk heaps end up advertised on the net because nobody will buy one locally. Doc advises having an internet car inspected. Otherwise what you receive may be a junk heap. 😥

I was somewhat bored and decided to visit the eBay motors community forum. There was a topic where an eBay member bought an older car (1992 Something) he didn’t specify what.

Junk Car Being Transported To New Owner
Junk car being transported. Not the vehicle discussed in our article

The buyer admitted he did not have the car inspected first and took responsibility for it. But when the car arrived there were major mechanical faults with it. From what I read the car was a heap of garbage waiting on some sucker out of state to buy it without an inspection.

Remembering back in 1999 when I started selling cars on eBay it was trust and community values that made selling automobiles long-distance work. Buyers could trust their sellers. eBay was a thriving community of good buyers and sellers doing business together. It’s really sad that stories like this further cloud eBay’s reputation.

There are many good automobile deals on the internet. But a buyer must do some investigating before clicking the buy-now button. Verify the car has a clean title. Then schedule an inspection to verify the condition of the vehicle. Don’t take the seller’s word it’s in excellent condition. Google vehicle inspection and the zip code where the car is located. It’s better to spend a couple of hundred dollars to verify the condition of the car. Rather than wind up like our article source junk car buyer.

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Doc’s Used Car Buying And Selling Internet Guide

doc's quality cars blog posts

This used car buying/selling guide is the most informative in-depth article ever published about motor vehicle buying and selling. Published by a retired used car dealer, Doc will guide you through the online car buying process for a rewarding experience!

Internet Car Buying Selling Guide

Be sure to read this guide before buying or selling automobiles online! 😉

Table of contents: Avoiding Fraud | Private Party Purchases | Purchasing From Dealers | Buying From Wholesalers | eBay Motors Vehicle Purchase Protection Program (VPP) | Newbie Car Dealers | Rebuilt and Salvage Title Vehicles | Vehicle History Reports | Vehicle Warranty | Vehicle Inspection | Buying Older Automobiles | Odometer Fraud | Vehicle Sales Tax | Making Safe Vehicle Payment | Advice For Sellers.

Buying a car from a private seller: Beware of private sellers that buy and sell vehicles without being licensed. Flipping vehicles from one owner to another. This kind of seller is an unlicensed used car dealer AKA the Curbstoner.

Example of a curbstoner. Buyer A the curbstoner buys a car from a little old lady in a local newspaper. Instead of going to the DMV and transferring that title into his name, the curbstoner resells the car to Buyer B.

Curbstoner (unlicensed car dealer) Selling Open Title Car
Unlicensed Dealer Selling Open Title Car

Buyer B prints his name on the back of the title but does not go to the DVM and transfer the title into his name. Instead, buyer B has done a few repairs and cleaned the car up. then decides to sell it.

In this situation, buyer B becomes seller B and sells the car to Buyer C who is in another state. Seller B crosses his name out on the back of the title and writes Buyer C’s name over his crossed-out name.

Seller B then hands the title to Buyer C who takes it to his tag office to transfer the title. The title clerk takes one look at that crossed-out name and rejects the title for transfer.

style=”font-weight: normal;”>Here is where the paperwork nightmare begins for used car buyer C. Buyer C’s motor vehicle bureau tells him to contact the previous owner whose name is printed on the title. Buyer A would be required to transfer this title into his/her name, pay any taxes due, yadda, yadda, yadda, then sign the new title they receive over to Buyer B who would repeat this process and sign the title over to Buyer C.

style=”font-weight: normal;”>The problem is the little old lady that sold the car has no idea to who she sold the car to. Buyer A paid her cash and had her sign off as the seller. By law, this car is Legally Still Titled in Her Name. If that car is used in a crime or involved in an accident, the police will come to her. It’s an absolute paperwork nightmare. Often it’s easier to get the registered owner to file for a duplicate title. Then sign it over to the person trying to title it in their name. Though a motor vehicle bureau official will not tell anyone this because it’s considered illegal. Any way you look at it, it’s buyer C’s absolute nightmare getting a transferable title.

TIP to avoid a non-transferable title situation: Vehicles are referred to as “Titled Property.” By law a motor vehicle can only be legally sold by it’s registered owner or a licensed dealer.

Doc advises anyone who is buying a used car long distance on the Internet from a private seller to request title documentation. Ask for a fax or email attach of “both sides of the title, along with a copy of the sellers drivers license or photo ID.” This is the best proof a long distance buyer can get proving the vehicle is titled in the sellers name. If the person selling the vehicle is not the registered owner – it’s not his car to sell!

If the buyer and seller are in the same state go with the seller to the motor vehicle bureau (DMV) to  transfer the title. And do not hand over the cash until the title clerk says the title is OK to transfer.

An audio clip from Doc explaining why buyer should ask seller for photo ID.

Curbstoning got so bad on eBay Motors that the auction house modified its Vehicle Purchase Protection Program (VPP) coverage to exclude curbstoners rather than set sale limits on private vehicle sellers. This means “buying a car and receiving title – but not being able to transfer it” (The Curbstoner Exclusion.) If you end up with a curbstoner car you might be stuck with a nontransferable title vehicle.

The only possible solution would be to locate the registered owner.  Have that person apply for a duplicate title and sign it over to you. Or file a suit against the seller. Attorneys are not cheap, and even if you manage to get a judgment it may be impossible to collect it. Add attorneys fees and court costs and the cost could exceed the value of the vehicle. So Just Beware!

Old Collector Cars are common for having open titles. Lots of these cars are either for parts or non-running. Or was a project someone started to restore but never completed. Others are restored but never titled in the owner’s name.  The car’s buyer bought it as an investment and didn’t want to pay the taxes and registration fees. It’s not uncommon to see a collector car go through a half dozen owners without a title transfer. If a collector car’s title has an error or gets lost it can be a nightmare getting a duplicate issued.

Buying a Car on eBay Motors: eBay offers up to $100,000 Vehicle Purchase Protection (VPP) on covered vehicles purchased from their Motors Venue. VPP is worth its weight in Gold for certain coverages such as. Buying a car that is stolen. Buying a car with an undisclosed lien. However, It only covers vehicles up to 10 years old. Covers buyers in the U.S.A and Canada only. And has a ton of exclusions. Anyone that’s considering buying a car on eBay Motors should read the coverage and exclusions fine print. VPP is not a substitute for good old common sense. Buyers should contact sellers and ask whatever questions they have. Buyers should also have the vehicle inspected, before bidding or purchasing.

Buying a car from a licensed dealer: A dealer most likely will want more for a car than a private seller. It’s a safe bet that the title will be proper and should be no problem to transfer. Dealers are licensed and also bonded in most states. But it’s still advisable to verify the dealer has a physical location. If so it’s a safe bet that you will not drive up to an abandoned building or vacant lot somewhere after sending payment for a car.

Buying cars from Wholesalers: It’s also common in the car business to have wholesalers working off another dealer’s license. The wholesaler usually pays a draft fee to use the dealer’s funding. And to gain auction access to source their cars. Lots of dealer cars are offered by wholesalers on the Internet. The wholesaler can issue temporary tags and deliver a car as a dealer’s agent. Plus the dealer is responsible for his agent’s actions. So buying from a wholesaler is a safe bet to deal with on a long-distance transaction.

Licensed Used Car Dealers Bidding At Auto Auction
Licensed Car Dealers Bidding At Auctions

Independent Dealers buy most of their cars at Dealer Auctions. These days the greatest majority of Franchised Dealers send all their trade-ins to the auction.

This accomplishes two things. It keeps their used car managers from taking money under the table and selling trades to their friends at a reduced price. Auctions also ensure the dealership will get top dollar for a nice trade-in unit. Vehicles are also sold as repossessions by banks and finance companies. Wholesalers selling made-up cars. And non franchised dealers swap the units they can’t sell among each other.

Older cars are mostly sold on the “red light” AS-IS with No Warranty. Dealers sell online lists and sell them the same way they buy them – AS-IS! When the auctioneer’s gavel falls and he hollers SOLD! Someone is the proud owner of that unit with any and all faults it may have. If it doesn’t have a reverse that’s too bad. There is no crying in the office about it. Lots of these kinds of vehicles end up for sale on the Internet! This is where a vehicle Inspection can be worth its weight in gold!

Becoming a new used car dealer: This is an experience some newbie car dealers may want to forget about. There is nothing like the experience the newbie dealer will gain by going to the “Unofficial Car Dealer School – The Dealer Auction.” Here they will learn all about bidding against the coke machine. Among other things that are unofficial trade secrets of the used car business.

Newbie car dealers also learn the hard way about buying a set-up car at auction. They usually pay every nickel for that (set up to sell) unit. The next day the air is hot. A week later that nice shiny finish fades away to reveal the painted panels and other things that were not noticed when the car ran through the auction. It sits around for a couple of months and does not sell. The newbie dealer takes it back to the auction to try and dump it. Unfortunately, the regular sellers get good early run numbers. Newbie used car dealer ends up running at the end of the sale when most everyone has gone home. The only way to get rid of a turd like this is to put it on the Internet and hope someone from another state buys it sight unseen without an inspection!

Rebuilt and Salvage Title Vehicles: Most car buyers have no idea what the word “Rebuilt Title” or “Salvage Title” means. When a car is severely damaged by an “Accident, Flood, Fire, or other damage which exceeds 2/3 of its book value an insurer may declare it a total loss. Soon afterward a total loss vehicle’s title is canceled by its issuing state.

Someone buys that total loss vehicle at auction or elsewhere. At that time the vehicle could be used for parts. Or its prior damage is repaired to become street legal again. Most states require that repaired vehicles be inspected by the State Division Of Motor Vehicles (DMV.) When the car passes inspection it is issued a Rebuilt Title. Different states have similar wording for the rebuilt titles, we are using the state of Florida as our example.

Certificate Of Destruction means just what it says. Vehicles with a certificate of destruction labeling can never be issued a rebuilt title. Certificate of destruction vehicles may only be used for parts. This kind of vehicle will never be street legal again, though another state may issue a title for it.

Rebuilt title used cars should be bought for around 30% of book value. Vehicles with rebuilt titles also may not be insurable. If considering purchasing a rebuilt title automobile contact your insurance company.

Rebuilt title older automobiles can be reliable cheap transportation. As an example. An older vehicle is involved in a minor front-end collision that deploys its airbags (SRS) and is declared a total loss. Acquiring used airbags, control modules,s, etc from a salvage yard and repairing them would make a good daily driver if it’s bought cheap enough. Inspect rebuilt title vehicles yourself or hire someone that can before purchasing.

Factory warranty remaining vehicles: Lots of late-model used cars have an advertised “Factory Warranty” Or the balance of a factory warranty remaining. It is advisable to check to be sure that the advertised warranty is correct yourself. Don’t just assume the seller is telling the truth. Get the vehicle’s Identification Number (VIN) and call your local dealer and inquire what warranty is remaining on that vehicle. Many situations will void a factory warranty. Accidents, Modifications, Abuse, Commercial Usage, Etc. Remember it’s your obligation to verify every detail about a vehicle you are interested in purchasing.

TIP: Once again Trust Nobody! Can you imagine being stuck making payments for several years on some falsely advertised late-model used car? The more money you are investing the greater the chance of getting taken advantage of by a bad seller in another state or country. Do your homework folks!

Vehicle History Reports: A CarFax report can be worth its weight in gold if you find out that the car you are planning on buying has undisclosed problems. Major accidents or salvage history, flood damage, odometer discrepancy, etc.

CarFax is without a doubt the leading authority in vehicle history reports. Vehicle history reports are only available for 1981 and newer passenger vehicles with the standard 17 Character VIN Number.

CarFax often includes major service history on vehicles that others do not. So if your looking at a car online and have serious thoughts about buying it. We a wise buyer and purchase a CarFax report on it. Remember these history reports are only displaying the data their companies purchase. They should only be considered a GUIDE to a motor vehicle’s history.

National Insurance Crime Bureau VIN Check
National Insurance Crime Bureau VIN Check

Another Good Vehicle VIN Check is the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB). This database is FREE and a must-check to lookup insurance payoffs or other major vehicle damage.

style=”font-weight: normal;”>Doc once read a forum discussion where a buyer had won an auction for a late model Mazda Rx8. Experian Auto Check didn’t show any discrepancies. Even the car’s Carfax report was clean. But the NICB Database showed a total loss. Further investigation revealed that the owner of the car was paid an insurance settlement and kept the car so that settlement was never reported to the history report companies.

The private seller was deceitful and the buyer walked away. Once again it was a “Bargain Buggy” that turned out to be not such a bargain after all. This buyer was SMART and did his homework before paying for the car.

The old saying is often true. You get what you pay for! If you are looking into buying a used car in another state. Chances are it’s the low price that got your attention. Especially on auctions where the bidding can be at half of the book value or less in the beginning.

Buying older vehicles: Doc’s example of older means the used car is usually 8-10 years old or older. And has an odometer reading well over 100k miles. Don’t expect a perfect showroom condition car regardless of what the advertisement claims. An old car can run perfectly today and puke an engine or transmission the next day. It’s just the nature of old used cars.

While technology has improved the modern automobile. All this high-tech stuff is very expensive to fix when the vehicle gets old or out of factory warranty. An engine or a transmission can easily exceed the value of an older vehicle.

Some sellers advertise vehicles as being perfect but are far from it. The seller is banking on someone far away who will buy the car and have it shipped home without an inspection. Don’t get taken by a sleazy seller and buy without an inspection!

Vehicle Inspection
When buying a used car SUV van truck etc online, having it inspected is a must-have service.

Don’t fall for a car that has been “set up for photos.” The car might look good online but has hidden mechanical problems. This includes undisclosed frame damage or undercarriage rust. And many other undisclosed problems.

Certain cars when they get old have their own faults and failures. For instance, older Cadillacs with the early NorthStar V8 are prone to head gasket failures. Repairs such as this example can exceed the value of the car. It’s the buyer’s responsibility to either check the vehicle out in person. Or if that’s not possible have an inspection company check it out. There are many Mobile Inspection Services that will inspect a car in another state. If you buy a car sight unseen and it’s not as described you will be stuck like Chuck!

Odometer Tampering Fraud
Odometer Tampering Fraud – Including Exempt

Odometer Tampering Fraud: This is another situation anyone buying a car should be aware of. The LAW says that a vehicle’s odometer will not be tampered with. It’s very clear on the subject of rolling back an odometer. Or replacing an odometer with another show lower mileage. This includes exempt status vehicles. The law makes no exception to altering an exempt vehicle’s odometer. Any vehicle 10 years old or older is exempt from odometer recording.

If a vehicle’s odometer has been replaced or repaired it must be disclosed when the vehicle is sold. Franchised dealerships repair techs that replace an odometer as a rule put a notification sticker in a car’s door jamb showing the date and mileage (if known) that an odometer was replaced. New odometers from the dealer usually start off at 0 mileage (analog).

Shady used car dealers and scamming private individuals may alter (rollback) an analog odometer to deceive a buyer. Often a CarFax Report will show a vehicle’s mileage history. It’s a good investment to purchase a CarFax Report on any vehicle 1981 or newer to check the mileage readings. Also state DMV records, inspection stations, etc, record a vehicle’s mileage in the state database. If you suspect a vehicle you are considering buying is displaying the wrong mileage. Check the registered state DMV to see what their recorded mileage is on that vehicle. That information should be a public record, but you might have to pay them to get a printout.

A vehicle may have been into a franchised dealer for warranty service. Calling any franchised dealer and giving the service manager the last 8 of the VIN could reveal any odometer discrepancies. It’s also advisable to do a visual inspection. Check for wear on the brake pedal. Steering wheel. Check how easily the driver’s door opens and closes. Look for any visible signs that the mileage might be higher than the vehicle odometer is showing. Also, there is software on the market that will alter a digital odometer’s mileage reading. So if the odometer is digital, don’t rely on it being accurate. Do your homework and investigate for possible odometer fraud. It’s better to find out before purchasing a car that has been clocked than after the fact.

Odometer Exempt Vehicles: Any vehicle that is 10 years old or older is considered Exempt on Odometer Recording by Federal Law. Most dealer auctions will sell these age vehicles as “Odometer Exempt”. Chances are if a title transfer was done on an older car it will probably say Exempt on the title where the mileage would normally appear. Once a vehicle has been exempted it will stay that way.

An exempt qualifying older vehicle may possibly be registered as “Actual Miles” in most states as long as its supporting title and odometer reading/statement reflect this actual mile. Buying a 10-year plus automobile with an actual mile title? Get an actual miles odometer statement from the seller. Odometer statements can be downloaded on the net.

Old 5 Digit Odometers. Doc has seen many older cars with 5-digit analog odometers for sale. The car seller is advertising the car as actual mileage. This is mostly observed on old collector cars from the ’50s 60’s ’70s. The odometer (clock) has probably rolled over at least twice. In older cars, the condition of the vehicle is more important than low mileage.

There are no history reports on any car older than 1981 when the current 17 characters VIN became standard. So the only sure way to document the mileage on a collector or antique car is with service receipts. An old logbook that reflects dates and mileage reading of service work and oil changes etc. A logbook would have to look old to convince me it is legit. Don’t fall for a printed-out document with dates and mileage.

If you buy an older car and the title states “Actual Mileage” be sure to get the seller to sign an odometer statement that the mileage IS ACTUAL. When registering the vehicle be sure to request the DMV record the mileage as actual. You have to request this as they will record it Exempt if you don’t request it! This is really important to keep the market value upon an older car with actual miles. Transferring the title as Except might affect the car’s market value!

Vehicle Sales Taxes Effecting Out Of State Car Sales: Most states are reciprocal as far as collecting their taxes goes. It’s best to check with the dealer you are buying from about any tax liability. It is also recommended to call your state’s DMV to find out if any taxes are due when you register the vehicle. Every state is different. Also, be advised not all dealers follow the law and collect the proper taxes. If the dealer does not collect tax, you can usually pay it at your DMV when transferring the title. Be prepared to produce a Bill Of Sale to prove what you paid for the vehicle.

Making Safe Vehicle Payment: If you have done your homework and are ready to purchase your internet car use a safe payment method. NEVER use Western Union or any other Cash Transfer Service. Beware of Fake Escrow Services that will steal your money! WU is the Scammer’s Choice for receiving payments because a payment can be picked up in any country. All the fraudster needs is the money transfer number.

Beware of sellers that request payment by gift or prepaid debit cards. This type of fraud often uses PayPal and Amazon gift cards. The fraudster will request the card’s redemption codes by email. Beware of smartphone apps such as OfferUp and Letgo that are being used to defraud buyers and sellers.

Doc’s payment choice for doing an internet vehicle transaction online would be to send it by a bank wire transfer. If buying from a licensed dealer the dealer could provide you with the company’s bank wire transfer instructions via email or by fax. This is especially good if you will be getting the vehicle shipped home and want to be sure the dealer receives your payment. Another option is to pay by a Cashiers’s Check and mail it using USPS Priority or Express Mail with Signature Confirmation. This is important so you know they signed for it.

When Doc was selling cars on the Internet he would send the title and paperwork requiring a signature. Good insurance for making sure the title didn’t get lost in the mail. If a cashier’s check is lost in the mail, the issuing bank most likely would require you to put up a bond before replacing it. Don’t take the risk of getting stuck like Chuck because you were too cheap to properly mail the check!!

If you are picking the vehicle up in person paying cash on delivery is OK too. I would be sure the seller had the title and would be handing it over to the buyer on delivery. Be sure to have followed my advice earlier in this article and did your title ownership homework. Along with any vehicle inspection etc. There’s nothing worse than flying long distances with a ONE WAY TICKET and finding out the vehicle was a POS because you didn’t have it inspected.

Avoiding Internet Vehicle Fraud and Phishing Brand Scams: The Net IS INFESTED with Fraudsters who offer a vehicle for sale at an incredibly low price.

Don’t be a victim of Internet phishing scams!

If a vehicle’s price seems “unrealistically low” STOP and asks yourself. Is this a scam listing? What’s wrong with this car? Has it been in an accident? Was this car in a flood? Does this car have a rebuilt or salvage title? Don’t be defrauded!

Sellers Agent Vehicle Brand Fraud got its start on eBay Motors well over a decade ago. We honestly believe eBay could have put a stop to fraud by educating their community. But obviously, corporate profits were more important than their member’s security. Many fell victim to car scams on fraudulent listings, while eBay either claimed fraud was minuscule or denied its existence.

FBI Investigates Vehicle Purchase Protection Fraud
FBI Investigates vpp scams on consumers.

eBay Vehicle Purchase Protection (VPP) Brand Fraud was claiming so many victims in 2011, that the FBI launched an investigation into brand fraud.

The Federal Bureau Of Investigation (FBI) filed this report on August 15, 2011, advising consumers not to fall for vehicle scam advertisements.

Many fraudulent advertisements are found on,, Craigslist, eBay Motors, and many other online publications and smartphone apps.

Fraudsters are also advertising in conventional print publications like newspapers and magazines. Don’t lose your money to internet fraud!

Those ads you see are phishing sucker bait! And are intended to lure a prospective buyer to email the fraudster. The fraudster is most likely in Europe or another country operating out of an internet cafe or wireless broadband connection.

Internet fraudsters are pros at what they do! Steal money from gullible people thinking such an unrealistically low price is legit! Don’t Be a Victim of Internet Fraud!

Scammers are using Amazon’s Brand Name to defraud consumers. This counterfeit website is registered in Beijing China. It’s used as part of a confidence scam setting up non-existent used car shipping. Don’t be a schmuck and lose your money to brand fraud!

Counterfeit Brands Website Domain Name
The counterfeit website was used in a vehicle shipping confidence scam. Registered in Beijing China.

Folks if you are online used car shopping and plan to meet someone to buy a car (or another item.) It’s best to meet in a public place during daylight hours only. A busy mall parking lot, a local police station parking lot, etc.

These retirees were murdered and robbed when meeting a stranger to purchase a 1966 Mustang. Criminals answering ads on local smartphone apps such as OfferUp and Letgo. Then make arrangements to meet and do business, but instead, sellers are killed and their merchandise was stolen.

Do not take unnecessary risks your life may depend on it!

fraudulent vehicle invoice
Confidence scam that will steal your money and identity

If you fall for one of these used car phishing scams your money will be gone in the blink of an eye. Sorry to be blunt, but it’s like taking your money and throwing it in the trash!

Also, be aware of MONEY MULES that get suckered into taking payment for a VEHICLE as a SELLERS AGENT. Fraudsters contact people searching for jobs online and offer them jobs as an agent. The scammer has his victim wire the money to the agent who takes 10-20% of the sale proceeds as their commission. The agent (money mule) then wires the balance to someone else.

Scammers will often “RINSE” their dirty money several times in an attempt to hide their tracks. If a person falls for a work at home scam they could wind up in prison for “money laundering or grand theft.” The so-called agent will be up the creek without a paddle when the feds come knocking! So if someone contacts you about working for them as a seller’s agent collecting payments RUN!

Also of major importance. If you have emailed a scammer, there is a good chance they could have slipped a key logger or some other virus onto your computer. Be sure to do a full virus scan of your computer or smartphone. Then go online and change any banking or other online account passwords. Internet scammers are pros at doing what they do best stealing sucker’s money!

If you need a good free antivirus program try Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows. It works excellent and auto-updates its definitions just like Norton or other paid software.

Doc’s Best Advice For Internet Vehicle Sellers:

If you are selling your used car it’s best to put your terms of sale in your ad. Be sure to specify how you want to be paid. Cash on delivery is OK. If doing an internet transaction insist the buyer use a bank wire transfer to send your payment.

Also it’s always best to tell prospective buyers in writing that your used car is sold AS-IS with no warranty. Doc used to say “if this car breaks in half you own both halves” which pretty much sums it up. Put this verbiage in writing. Even if your car has the balance of its factory warranty remaining, It should still be sold AS-IS but worded that it does have its remaining balance of factory warranty that follows the vehicle, not the owner. An example is here.

Here is a short audio snippet explaining why the used car AS-IS Sale is best!

NEVER Accept PayPal for a used car full purchase price. PayPal is good if you are looking for a quick way to collect a vehicle deposit. Doc suggests no more than $200-300. Be aware a credit card-funded chargeback could cost you that deposit money as a seller. Chargebacks are the number one reason not to accept full payment for an automobile by PayPal.

PayPal Buyer Protection does not cover “Vehicles or Vehicle Deposits.” Doc has read horror stories online where some PayPal customer support reps did not know Vehicle specific rules and let a buyer reverse a vehicle purchase. If you have sold your car truck boat or whatever is considered a vehicle you could wind up stuck like chuck.

Also, it is possible to chargeback a credit card-funded used car purchase. However, a motor vehicle is considered titled property. Usually, credit card companies will not chargeback on the titled property. BUT buyers have been known to lie to their credit card provider saying something other than a vehicle was purchased.

If PayPal gets a notification of a chargeback they take the money back from your account. If your account is empty they give you a minus balance and take anything that is received from that point on. PayPal will eventually turn the uncollected balance over to collections. And will surely file suit if the balance owed is large enough. If you have something to attach and good credit you will be stuck paying them. Here is a Good Example of why PayPal should not be accepted for a motor vehicle.

Have questions? Comment below or post your question in our support forum.


Alleged Ripped Off Buyer Says Don’t Buy On eBay Motors

2011 GMC Acadia eBay Motors

This 2011 GMC Acadia buyer says he got a raw deal on eBay Motors. Buyer claims the seller fearing negative feedback marked the Acadia auction as unpaid, a loophole that hid the negative review he left his seller. 😥

Stories like this one are sad to hear. But buyers of motor vehicles should do their homework (inspection title research etc) before bidding or purchasing. Read Doc’s Car Buying Guide first before buying a motor vehicle online! 😉

This website is dedicated to educating motor vehicle buying consumers how to prevent bad deals. Unfortunately our message is silenced by corporate America who are only concerned with profits.

Partial topic from the motors community forum by member jsvr22.

Here are the facts of the eBay Motors transaction. I will start by saying I am 2400 miles away from Philadelphia, PA where the dealership or dealerships are.

eBay Motors Negative Experience Buying SUV
Tale of woe from a 2011 GMC Acadia SUV buyer that did not have the motor vehicle inspected before buying.

I purchased a car on eBay after bidding on an auction. The auction closed on Christmas Eve at 6:21 p.m. The seller did not accept a down payment though eBay. (I came to find out that this was part of the scam) The listing said the item needed to be paid in full in 3 days. I contacted “Gary” the seller about the payment since Christmas Sunday was the 2nd day, and I would only have one business to send the complete payment. He insisted that I would have to pay on Monday 12/26/2017.

I asked him if I should arrange shipping or if he had someone he worked with. He said he would arrange shipping and quoted me around $1300. Gary told me that his business was not listed as the eBay seller. (this is the shell game part of the scam) He sent me the bank wiring number. I took the day off of work and sat at the bank until the wire was completed.

I sent Gary a message shortly after the wire was completed. I asked him to verify he had received my payment. He asked if I could call his instead of text. (also part of the scam to never have any proof in writing or text). During this phone conversation I asked Gary when the shipping was scheduled for. Gary told me he did not own the car yet and now that he had my money he would go buy it, and would schedule the transport after he did.

I informed Gary that I was going to be in Philadelphia the next day and expected to pick up the vehicle and title that I had paid for in full more than 24 hours before. I truly believed that if I did not go there I would never see the vehicle or my money again. I was prepared to call the local police and have arrests made if this fraud was carried any further.

So after waiting more than 6 hours in 12 degree weather for a car that was supposed to already belong to me and after being subtly threatened with Russian Connected people, I was not going to spend any more time waiting before getting out of there.

So did the dealer safety inspect this car and make necessary repairs that one expects from a dealer? Of course not. They did not even own the car until hours after I was in the dealership waiting for it. Was it safe to drive more than 2400 miles? NO! There were lights not working, the wipers did not work, the check engine light came on in the first hour, and the brakes need to be replaced.

So what is my recourse? One would think that I could make a proper review on eBay. NOPE, there is a loop hole. Gary never marked the item as paid. On January 14, 2018, after I had a complete inspection on the vehicle, I finally filed a review on eBay. About an hour later Gary fraudulently marked the item as “unpaid” so that it look like I did not honor my end of the purchase. Because of the item/purchase being in dispute the review will never show up on eBay or alert others of the scam.

After two phone calls to eBay I found out that they are unwilling to do anything and will allow him to run this scam on eBay and make the review disappear. I insisted that I would send all of the receipts with all of the dates on the wire, title, notary, and purchase agreement from Carspot Inc. They said they would not consider any of these documents as I could have forged all of them. I asked “why would I forge all of those items to be able to leave seller feedback.” They had no answer and did not care. All of this fell on deaf ears. Each of the people I talked to at eBay attempted to pass me off on another department, but the bottom line was that eBay will not do anything to prevent this seller from scamming people on eBay.

So fraud? Yes, I believed I was buying from a reputable eBay seller that was a car dealer. I would have never spent that much money buying an uninspected and unsafe vehicle. I was forced to pay fees twice. I spent more than $2000 getting to Philadelphia, driving home, making repairs along the way. He has also fraudulently alerted eBay of non-payment. I have an interstate banking receipt that matches the purchase agreement and will there for be filing a report with the F,B.I. asking for payment again fraudulently, as the eBay message I have says that I still need to pay the seller again.

Of course the other recourse is to spread the word on social media as far and wide as I can and warn others about the allowed loopholes of eBay Motors.

The full topic is here on eBay Motors community forum. Here is a link to the 2011 GMC Acadia listing on eBay Motors.

Friends it’s absolutely imperative to research any vehicle bought online. Northern vehicles are prone to rust and many have sustained collision damage due to icy roads in the winter.

The 1st thing Doc recommends is verifying (private sellers) the vehicle is titled in the sellers name. Being aware many curbstoners are flipping open titled motor vehicles on the net that may not be transferable into the next buyers name.

The 2nd most important tip from Doc is, Have The Vehicle Inspected if you can’t do it yourself. eBay has a service for vehicle inspections. Searching the net for “Vehicle Inspection” with the cars location or zip code is another option.

And last but not least – do not send payment until you’ve done your homework. PayPal is good for a small deposit to hold a vehicle, but beware vehicle deposits are not covered under their buyer protection.


eBay TRUST & Community Values Are Long Gone

phillips berlina coupe eaby

Community Values and Trust made selling vehicles work so well on eBay back in the beginning, but has since then faded into distrust.

We start today’s article and video with a thread on eBay Motors Forum where a buyer sent $25,500 to a seller for this 1981 Phillips Berlina Coupe (171004703535).

phillips berlina coupe ebay trust community valuesThe buyer claims the seller lied through his teeth, and the car needs $5-6k in repairs just to be able to drive and get it registered.

Folks, there is little if any Trust or for that matters Community within eBay today.

Just like one of the below forum participants said, eBay is no different than any other classified website. You can not trust your online trading partners these days!

If your buying a vehicle better get it inspected before sending payment. One firm that has been doing vehicle inspections for many years is and eBay also provides an inspection company, though they are much more pricey than others.

Also before attempting to buy a car online ANYWHERE, read my article “Internet Car Buying Selling Tips” the ASS you Save might wind up being Your Own!

Meanwhile back to the eBay scam listings. I see Karl.Moo is still going strong, and many other scammers we featured last month in videos are still active members.

Guess eBay needs that “Active User” count to fluff their investors. Those fraudsters can come back at any time and list more scams, just like karl.moo did.

The screen captured discussion commented on in this video was removed from eBay’s forum sometime after this post was published. Also it’s cache was removed from Google’s search results.

Can you feel the Trust and the Community Values? Yep that’s my thoughts exactly!

Forum topic about lack of community values and trust

1981 Phillips Berlina Coupe eBay Item # 171004703535

If you missed the link above, Doc urges you to read his popular article “Used Car Buying And Selling Internet Advice” the butt you save might wind up being your own. 😉

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2011 Mercedes-Benz E-Class AMG Scam

SCAM >> The asking price for the car is $29000 and I will close the auction to the one who will give me this amount.

This 2011 Mercedes-Benz E-Class AMG belongs to a dealer in Tennessee, but someone has stolen the dealers photos and vehicle id number (VIN) and listed it on eBay for a dirt cheap price!

Beware of dirt cheap late model vehicles for sale on the internet. These scammers are super slick, and are specialists in stealing easy marks money! If you can’t physically inspect a vehicle before purchasing it – hire a professional vehicle inspection service to inspect it for you.

Also be sure to read Doc’s article “Used Car Buying And Selling Internet Advice” link above, before completing any online vehicle transaction. 😉

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Beware Of Salt Water Damaged Autos For Sale

Beware Of Salt Water Damaged Flood Cars For Sale!
Salt Water Damaged Taxi Cabs In NYC
Salt Water Damaged Taxi Cabs In NYC

With the salt water flooding in NYC and NJ, among other areas. Beware of real low prices on cars for sale.

You can just bet that a number of the waterlogged older cars, that were not covered with comprehensive insurance, will wind up for sale on the net!

It’s a buyers responsibility to have a vehicle checked out by a qualified mechanic before purchasing. If you can’t inspect a vehicle yourself, or don’t want to hire an inspection company to check it out for you, you might not be happy with what you receive!

Fresh water is not that bad if a car is gutted and dried out right after getting wet. But corrosive salt water will attack the cars wiring. With battery power flowing through an autos electronics and wiring (even if the key is off) major damage has been done. After being dried out a salt water damaged car might run today, but as electrolysis begins, copper wiring turns black and then into a green powdered substance.

A salt water immersed car is total junk, and should go strait to the salvage yard. Just remember if you are vehicle shopping on the net, It’s your responsibility to inspect it before purchasing.

As always i always suggest inspecting the car in person, or hiring a qualified mechanic to do it for you. I also suggest purchasing a CarFax Report on a car you plan on purchasing. But remember, CarFax is nothing but a guide to a vehicles registration, usage, location,  and possible service and damage history.

Also be advised a lot of older cars that had no comprehensive insurance coverage will probably not be listed on a CarFax or other history report. No insurance payoff = no report to DMV the car sustained damage.

Read my Internet Car Buying Tips to learn how to buy a car on the net and come out a winner!

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Buying A Car Online? Inspect First Before Purchasing

I Will Inspect Before I Bid When Buying Online!

Yet another buyer unhappy when buying a car at a wholesale price. Seems to me this Cadillac Seville STS was a bargain for $3750.00! But it’s buyer apparently does not think so.

I Will Inspect Before I Bid When Buying A Car Online!
I Will Inspect Before I Bid When Buying A Car Online!

Personally speaking from past experience learned the hard way I must say. It’s best to be sure a car has a good battery when it’s being delivered. That and be sure it’s tires all hold air, and it has at least 1/8th tank of fuel.

There is nothing worse than a trucker’s attitude when a car won’t start and he has to climb on the top rack to jump it off. It also does not make a good impression on the buyer who has waited for his new car to arrive only to learn from the truck driver it won’t start! OUCH! 😥

This buyer came up with a grocery list of repairs needed, and at what appears outrageously high retail prices. Sounds higher than a Caddy dealership to me.

Now the buyer is very angry with the seller and wants compensation for the repairs. The seller clearly sells wholesale units, and as it says in the listing “this vehicle has not been inspected and is sold as-is with no warranty of any kind” plus some other legal mambo jumbo. The seller goes on to say he invites inspections by anyone interested in buying.

Had the buyer had the vehicle inspected by a qualified inspector this rift would not be going on now. (eBay has a company they recommend) and there are many others if someone does a Google Search for vehicle inspections.

So there ya go! If you buy a vehicle on eBay Motors sight unseen and don’t have it inspected you could wind up being stuck like chuck! One of the exclusions of the eBay Vehicle Purchase Protection program is coverage of a covered item if the vehicle was not inspected!

Like Bart Simpson said above.. I WILL INSPECT BEFORE I BID!

eBay Motors Forums Another Unhappy Car Buyer!
eBay Motors Forums Another Unhappy Car Buyer!
EuropeanMotorSport07 Cadillac Listing On eBay Motors 200560104009
EuropeanMotorSport07 Cadillac Listing On eBay Motors 200560104009

Be sure to read Doc’s article “Used Car Buying And Selling Internet Advice” Link Above. 😉


What Happened To CarGiGi After Being Acquired By eBay?

cargigi ebay acquisition

Car marketing platform CarGiGi was unknown to me until yesterday when another blogger mentioned it in an email. The domain who-is shows it’s owned by eBay Inc. However as of today the website URL is returning a 404 not found error.

cargigi ebay acquisition
eBay helping automobile dealers sell more cars by acquiring CarGiGi marketing platform to replace its dealer center

According to this TechCrunch article on 03/15/2016 eBay acquired CarGiGi to replace its Motors division’s Dealer Center. The company says that it’s interested in using the technology Cargigi developed to help onboard auto dealers’ inventory onto eBay’s website. In addition to replacing eBay’s own Dealer Center product, Cargigi will help enable eBay to “build out its structured data capabilities for the vehicles industry,” said eBay in an announcement. Over time, more functionality will also be added. But more immediately, dealers will have access to analytics they didn’t before.

So it’s been nearly 4 years since eBay acquired CarGiGi and it’s domain is offline as of this blog post. It’s my personal opinion that eBay forgot all about their Trust and Community Values that made high dollar vehicle transactions work so well in it’s early days.

It’s possible they took the technology from the cargigi-acquisition and rolled it into the motors platform. But even if that’s why the domain is offline it should be redirected elsewhere. More than likely the motors venue home page – or the dealers center. Even beginning webmasters know that dead links are an SEO nightmare. This situation reminds me of these former major subdomains that were left offline and still are to this day. 😥

I get it that eBay was a novelty back in its glory days. Memories of the fly-in drive-home sales are just that, memories. And it does not make sense these days to buy a late-model used car thousands of miles away when the same car is available in a buyer’s location. Then there are those bargain seekers who jump at seemingly “too-good-to-be-true” great deals – then realize the bargain buggy they bought was no bargain at all.

It all boils down to this. All eBay is interested in is collecting seller’s fees. Bad car dealers and other sellers can burn up a seller’s account that gets eventually suspended and do it all over with a new seller’s account. All they want is that $50 listing fee plus listing upgrades.

Personally saying adding new technology from acquisitions like cargigi and others is a must to stay market currently. Yet they allow bad sellers and scammers to rip off their buyers. When I was selling cars on eBay Motors along with other reputable dealers, we could see the trust slipping away. We begged the corporation to verify their buyers and sellers but that fell on deaf ears. I suggested an arbitration panel of volunteer qualified dealers to negotiate vehicle buyer-seller complaints. Nope the arbitration idea never happened either.

cargigi-website screenshot
Screenshot of cargigi website before being acquired by eBay

What I would have done with eBay Motors, would have been turning it into a membership venue. Something like Sam’s Club or Costco, but specifically for motor vehicles. Car dealers would be verified and their dealer’s bond put on file in case of an out-of-trust or other situation. They could have charged the dealers a $100 annual fee covering the cost of verification. Similar to buyers who would require verification before they could bid or buy an automobile.

Instead of courting franchised dealers selling late model common everyday autos, I would be targeting the antique, specialty, and collector car market. Internet motor-vehicle buyers/sellers/exporters/importers offering rare and hard-to-find desirable vehicles for the worldwide market. This motors niche venue could have been the number one car trading venue in the world. But today it’s just another used car Internet business failure. 😥


How To Leave Deserved Negative eBay Feedback Without Removal

deserved negative ebay feedback

How To Leave Deserved Negative eBay Feedback. A lot has changed with eBay in the 20+ years since Doc started selling used cars on the platform. Feedback was the cornerstone back then, but since then is alleged to be manipulated. This blog post is about buying automobiles on eBay motors. It’s also about how to leave justified negative feedback if the seller lies or the buyer feels defrauded. Do it right so negs will not be removed!

In February 1996, when eBay was just 6 months old, the Community had already grown to several hundred members. Realizing the importance of having a simple and powerful way for members to exchange experiences, Pierre Omidyar, eBay’s founder, launched the Feedback Forum. Here’s the letter he posted on the Web site back then. Saying it reflects the founding values that continue to guide the Feedback Forum today.

deserved ebay negative feedback
Pierre Omidyar, eBay’s founder, launched the Feedback Forum back in 1996. Many things have changed since then.

Nothing could be further from that statement today. It is alleged that bad car dealers who are left negative feedback are getting those deserved negs removed by eBay. Back in the good old day’s feedback was mostly transparent. Though used car dealers could pay $100 to remove deserved eBay negative feedback, through square trade mediation service.

Today the feedback rules have been simplified dropping most of the harsh warnings of yesterday. Seller fees were always a priority, but today the marketplace is struggling to gain growth and keep wall street happy, but nowadays is rapidly losing market share.

deserved negative ebay feedback
Tutorial how to leave deserved negative feedback that a bad seller can not get eBay to remove

I was inspired to blog this post today because of a comment left on this blog post from Dec 2018. Long gone are the quality front-line ready automobiles on eBay motors. Years of distrust, and the loss of the founder’s “trust and community values” have done major damage. In my humble personal opinion, this niche venue has become just another online classified!

I foolishly bought from rebuiltcars0199 based on excellent feedback. I received junk with a blown transmission (full of water) with too much money into it I could not return it and lose so much money. They offered me a small partial refund until the got EBAY TO REMOVE my negative feedback without contacting me, now they have no reason to pay out. My feedback was removed, no partial refund.

If you got burned while doing a used car transaction on eBay motors and the seller is not responsive or offers little help, a deserved negative eBay feedback comment may be warranted. It was difficult searching for the feedback rules but these tips are helpful.

  • Hateful, obscene, offensive, profane, racist, sexual, defamatory, or violent language cannot be used in profiles, user IDs, chat rooms, discussion boards, member communication, eBay Claims, eBay Stores, feedback, listings, product pages, collections, and any other areas of the site

Be factual when leaving feedback. Don’t let your emotions give a bad seller an out to get your neg removed. Don’t use words like a con artist, thief, liar, scammer, etc.

The whole idea is to do your homework before buying a used car online. Have used cars INSPECTED before Buying or Bidding! An inspection is the only way of knowing the truth about a used car’s factual condition. As I mentioned in the linked post above, never buy a water car, unless you are a rebuilder or have a mechanic handy. Especially if a flood car has been in salt water. Salt water eats everything including the wiring of a car leaving a green mush.

Any questions comment below, or in my support forum. I’ve been retired from the used car business for many years. This website is maintained and kept online to be helpful for those who buy/sell motor vehicles online. Don’t become a fraud victim!

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Doc was the first Tampa Bay area used car dealer to sell automobiles online in 1999. eBay was a growing company that opened up a new marketplace for used cars and other items where there were none before. Car buyers in the northeast area could buy a rust-free Florida car in the middle of a blizzard and have it shipped home, and people did just that. But fraud started chipping away at the founder’s trust and community values!

It is noted that the greatest majority of videos embedded in this blog came from Doc’s Vimeo-pro account. That account was shut down by Vimeo for a single tech help video he produced that mentioned election fraud. When Donald Trump’s class-action lawsuit in which Doc is a claimant is settled the account should be reactivated. Otherwise, all the site’s videos are backed up and are being reuploaded to another credible video host and are being replaced as time permits.

Doc produced this fraud awareness video in 2013. Corporate cyberstalkers attacked him using phantom YouTube channels, Weebly websites, and Rip-Off-Report false filings. Google refused to remove the cyberstalking videos from its YouTube hosting service. Seeing the abusive content was still on Google’s servers, Doc restored this site that documented the abuse from backup. 😎

The lengths this corporation went to punish outspoken former sellers, critics, and publishers who criticized their bad business practices are shameful. Doc founded the eBay motors sucks website in 2004 to warn consumers of fraud when used car scams were out of control on the site of the recently launched eBay Motors. He has paid a heavy price for his efforts. Trolls attacked his credibility as a motors seller. His girlfriend’s family was stalked. He was removed from his church because of lies told to his pastor. Corporate hate at its worst! It’s well documented here.

Six former employees of eBay, Inc. have been charged with leading a cyberstalking campaign targeting the editor and publisher of a newsletter that eBay executives viewed as critical of the company. The alleged harassment included sending the couple anonymous, threatening messages, disturbing deliveries including a box of live cockroaches, a funeral wreath and a bloody pig mask and conducting covert surveillance of the victims.

In the early 2000s, fraud started hurting the reputation of the newly launched eBay motors vehicle buying/selling venue. European scammers (mostly out of Romania) were stealing photos and descriptions from other listings. They listed collector and specialty cars at unrealistically low prices. Trusting buyers were being slaughtered by fraudsters who picked their pockets clean. 😥

Corporate insiders were stuffing their pockets full of cash and mostly denied the fraud. The venue built on trust was infested with scams that were killing the founder’s trust and community values. Regardless Pierre and Meg bankrolled the profits, as trusting members were defrauded.

General Lee Auction Spins Out
John Schneider general lee auction relisted after 9.9 MILLION Deadbeat Bidder

Over the years eBay tried reinventing itself with mixed results. Failed adventures like eBay Valet and other ideas fizzled out. They had a well-established niche business in used merchandise but threw it away trying to compete with Amazon. The motors venue was once the highest income generator but have over the years lost its mojo. Bad buyers defrauded sellers with PayPal taking payments back from sellers, which drove another coffin in the eBay brand name coffin!

It’s a known fact among many car dealers that front-line-ready quality used cars will not make a profit on eBay motors. Sellers are offering bargain-priced autos that have been wrecked or in a flood and have issues. There are many good deals online but do your homework before buying!

Doc's ebay motors sucks blog

There’s an old saying that’s often true – nothing hurts worse than the truth! Corporate execs literally screwed Pierre’s TRUST and COMMUNITY Values into the ground, as buyers and sellers were ripped off. But it’s OK, Meg and Pierre made billions, and what’s left is eBay history! 😥


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2009 Range Rover eBay Motors Scam

Never Contact Scammer OffSite SCAM SALSK25479A192513

Here is today’s first eBay Motors scam listing video. It’s a really nice 2009 Range Rover HSE Sport that seller mylky555 is offering for only $14,200.

What a steal of a deal. Yep.. It’s a steal alright, except.. It’s the Scammer that will surely steal you money if you fall for the scam!

If you can’t personally inspect a vehicle, hire an inspection company to do it for you.

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