There is nothing like buying online and waiting for your item to arrive. In another brain fart – eBay CEO John Donahoe is hoping to compete with Amazon by opening his very own Fulfillment Center. He is hoping that eBay will sell more items from Chinese sellers if buyers can get it faster.

eBay Fulfillment Center

I remember when Donahoe took over after Meg Whitman resigned. He made a comment that eBay looked like a cheap flea market.. Well geeeeezzzzz.. What does he think that CHEAP CHINESE CARP looks like?? 🙄

So here is a buyer that bought this poor quality Motorcycle Trailer that literally started falling apart the 1st time he used it.

He took a bunch of photos of it and the damage done the 1st time he used it, and listed it on eBay Motors to warn other potential buyers before they get screwed!

Though the listing does not specify that it came from China, it sure looks like something they would offer for sale.

Do yourself a favor. If your shopping for something for something like this, buy local from a reputable dealer.