Seller lists this 2004 Dodge Neon SRT4 that is fully loaded up with equipment, miles under 100K, and it sells for only $6900! Talk about a Steal Of A Deal!

The car was sold at Manheim Dealer Auction and announced as having possible unibody/frame/core support damage. It’s a game the Dealers Play at the auctions, and the large dealers have the auction inspect the cars. If the auction finds a painted panel, a replaced bumper cover, or whatever, they sell the car with that announcement so the dealers can’t arbitrate the car and try and chisel the seller down. That’s how it goes at dealer auctions!

The seller properly disclosed the car as having been announced as damaged by an auction in his listing. Plus Auto Check reports the auction announcement. Buyer bids and didn’t READ the description, or obviously the History Report, and demands his deposit back. eBay forces the seller to refund the deposit and probably sanctioned the seller as well!