eBay Motors Sucks Blog Compares eBay Motors NEW Cassini vehicle search with autotrader.com, autotraderclassics.com, and cars.com and the results will blow your mind

eBay Motors Cassini Car Search Messed UpeBay took away the ability to search by Year or Years Range only.

For starters, collector cars buyers like to search by a certain years range, toggling by time newest listed to see what is new on the site.

“Some buyers want to see whats new between say 2010 and 2013 but not anymore. It’s not possible with this NEW eBay Motors Cassini Enhanced Search.”

It’s obvious eBay Programmers don’t know what they are doing. It’s my opinion that they compiled all the vehicle makes and models into a database and then added the year in as an afterthought. And that makes total sense considering eBay programmers are used to dealing with widgets, smartphones, and other common merchandise. Oh geez, we forgot to put the year in..

Autotrader.com Autotraderclassics.com and Cars.com all allow searching vehicles by year only. The incompetency of eBay’s college educated geniuses with fancy diplomas just blows my mind! Car business is not taught in business school.

Now after this NEW ENHANCEMENT (that the community no doubt asked for) car shoppers are forced to select a Make AND Model before selecting a Year or Years Range.  eBay is giving the community what they asked for!

A few months later this was corrected. 🙄