Look at these NEW and Improved eBay Motors Vehicle Listing Pages.

New eBay Motors Vehicle Page Layout
New eBay Motors Vehicle Page Layout

eBay Features a New item page layout with a NEW Photo Magnification Feature that is really cool.

But the vehicle search that is also NEW no longer allows searching by a car’s year only. To search this new eBay Motors layout you must select a Make and Model First before selecting a year.

This new layout and search is apparently in BETA and rolled out sporadically to test it. If you don’t see the new search page this link should open it.

Unfortunately as usual it’s cosmetic changes that matter most to eBay Execs. Meanwhile fraudsters are still listing phishing bait cars to steal an unsuspecting buyers money. Some things never change with eBay Inc.

Before committing to ANY online vehicle transaction, take the time to read my guide how to buy a car on the internet. Beware of gimmicks that promise vehicle purchase protection but are full of loop holes. One is eBay Vehicle Purchase Protection. It’s as full of holes as a piece of Swiss cheese. Common exclusions are, any vehicle 10 yesrs old or older, receiving a title but being unable to transfer it (the curbstoner exclusion.) READ the Fine Print Here!

If the cars price is unreasonably low, beware of phishing scams. These kind of scams are usually listed with few photos and even fewer details. Fraudsters will try to get you to contact them to make a deal off of the website where you found the listing.  Emails they will send you will look convincing. Along the lines of escrow or bonded transaction. I have observed many of these scams operated on eBay Motors, and fraudsters also use Amazon.com and Google checkout that BTW was closed by Google.

Links of interest from this article. Internet Car Buying Guide. eBay Account Hack Turns Into Debt Collection Nightmare.

Updated 10/20/2013: Apparently this new search is more mucked up than i thought. Here on the eBay Motors forum an out of country buyer looking for classic cars can’t get any results. Of course the forum regulars blame it in him. Some things on eBay never change!