eBay Account Hack Turned Over To Collections
eBay Account Hack Turned Over To Collections

Do you have an unused (dormant) eBay account? As this person found out the hard way, someone can hack your account and run up a huge tab in fees. Plus the act holder will be legally responsible for any Buyer Protection claims paid out! 😥

Scammers first hijack an eBay account then immediately change its password and email address. If you have changed email providers but not updated your eBay account, you will not receive a notification that your email or password has been changed. Scammers are free to use your account to defraud buyers. It happens all the time.

Best bet is to close your unused eBay Account here is how to do it. Otherwise right now while you’re reading this – log into your eBay account and update your contact info!

From this article posted on wmctv.com: “Karen Davis is being sought out by collection agencies after people claim they bought items from her on eBay and never received them. As it turns out, Karen is as much of a victim as the people who lost their money … since she says she has not sold anything with her eBay account since 2010.

On Monday, Davis received two letters from collection agencies, FMA Alliance and Allied Interstate. The creditor on both letters is eBay. One letter claims Davis owes more than $1,200. The other says she owes $12,000. The letters say Davis sold items to people on eBay, but never delivered them. Those victims filed claims with eBay, and were reimbursed.

But Davis is now left with debt collection notices and a hacked eBay account she says she is still unable to access. “I was shocked because first of all, I don’t like debt and I’d certainly not sold anything on eBay for that much,” she said.

The Better Business Bureau says the first debt collector, FMA Alliance, has an ‘A’ rating with only 39 complaints in three years. The second collector, Allied Interstate, has an ‘F’ rating and has been investigated for unfair debt collection practices.

When Davis called Allied Interstate, she was given the e-mail address on her account. The e-mail address did not belong to her. Action News 5 traced down a phone number for that email address. It led to a photography company in the Washington, D.C. area. The person who answered the phone also said he had not used eBay in several years.

eBay says it is investigating Davis’ claim. The company deactivated Davis’ account August 30.

Was Your eBay Account Hijacked? Is eBay trying to Collect Fees you don’t owe via collection agencies? Here is how to stop debt collectors from harassing you? Know The Law Regarding Your Rights In Debt Collection Situations.

If you have good credit – collection actions will hurt your credit score. In that case it might be best to consult an attorney that specializes in debt collection law. Here is an eBay specific debt collection Cease and Desist Notice.

Make sure you sign, date and get it notarized before you mail it off. Make sure you mail it certified mail, this way you have a record of when they received the notice. You are essentially warning them that if they continue to send you collection or presentment notices that you will sue them for harassment. They can be sued for up to $10,000 for each occurrence. At that point legally they cannot contact you anymore regarding the debt presented.

A top-level executive member of PayPal sits on the board for the Better Business Bureau. It does no good to file BBB complaints on eBay or PayPal with the BBB.

Here is a short screen video Doc produced about this situation. It’s sad, but eBay is going to get paid one way or another. So if you have an unused account, either update your contact info or close it. 😉