Here is the new eBay Motors vehicle listing page and search layout. We’re not happy that eBay took away the ability to search vehicles by year first.

Before these search changes (that may be eBay’s NEW Cassini search criteria) it was easy to go in to the vehicle listings and just search for any year range. Lets say 2011-13 covered the years 2011, 2012, 2013, then selecting the sorting by time newly listed brought up those results. But not no more. Now in order to search by year you have to select a Make AND Model first before selecting a year or year range.

The big photos in the bottom under the sellers description are gone too. Instead there is a larger image in the upper left corner of the item page. It does have a magnify feature when mousing over the photo that i was impressed with, but i still prefer a large photo under the sellers description. This might prevent sellers from using their own html formatted description and self hosted photos.

Also the new layout resembles eBay core listings. The eBay Motors header is gone from motors search and listings pages. Also the search and listing url no longer has “ebaymotors” in it. Just shows /itm/ and /sch/ in the url string. It appears to me that the new layout is a move away from the traditional eBay Motors that has a phishy reputation, not that eBay core is any better. Here is a link that should open the NEW eBay Motors search page.

In the beginning eBay Motors was a partnership between eBay and I remember it’s grand opening well. I had two auctions running on when eBay threw the switch redirecting any vehicle shoppers to the new site, with no way to reach the still running auctions on the core site.  It was plagued with bugs and glitches that most eventually got fixed. After a few years the AutoTrader logo disappeared from ebm’s header. I guess the contract ran out and eBay took over running the site.

Update 09/18/2013: I went back over to eBay Motors for another look at this new layout and was served up the old site. So apparently eBay is randomly beta testing this new format that most likely will be rolled out soon. There is some discussion about this new vehicle listing page and search changes on the eBay Motors Forum.

My suggestion to eBay is: In my personal opinion as a retired auto dealer – disabling searching by Year Exclusively is a bad choice. eBay should reverse what they have now. Select a Year = ‘display all’, then select a Make = ‘display Year and Make’ then further narrow the results by selecting a Model. IE = ‘display Year, Make, Model. The reverse of how it is now. Models should only be displayed if they were available in the selected year or years range.

Possibly make the photos a little bigger if possible. And some photos may be missed by shoppers with such small thumbnails being hidden in a shallow inline frame. Possibly make that iframe a little longer, or serve a pop up with a mouse over. Even possibly pop up an image, at least 640x480px with surrounding thumbnails. I do like the magnify image feature.

The NEW eBay Motors Layout And Search Refinements
The NEW eBay Motors Layout And Search Refinements

Back in the beginning it took Credibility and Trust to make a good Internet car deal. It’s been roughly 12 years since eBay Motors was launched. But lots of prospective buyers have been scammed or bought misrepresented vehicles trusting their seller.

Keeping up with technology is good, and eBay Motors is past due a facelift. But continuing to allow scammers who i like to call “Phishermen” list bait cars and troll for suckers on the site is killing the credibility and trust. As i have said since 2004 when the scammers took over – eBay needs to clean this data dump up. Get back to the basics that once made this website great like this old Volvo transaction from 2002. Sorry Tony, that’s not a Grove Automotive Group fine southern ride. 🙂

What are your thoughts about these new features?