It’s true some things never change. Doc took a drive over to eBay Motors and checked out today’s offerings. The second car he clicked on was an obvious phishing scam.

What is it with eBay Motors Management that continues to allow scammers the run of the house? Sometimes i wonder if these are internal scams that eBay Inc is running to pad the bottom line?

Don’t make a lot of sense when eBay could simply Enable ID Verify for any new seller who attempts to list a vehicle for sale. Use that for anyone that does not have established seller feedback. If a private individual wants to list his family sedan for sale they could easily complete the process.

Whats even more insane about letting fraudsters list non existent vehicles for sale is, eBay gives the first 6 vehicle listings for FREE. The 1st 4 photos are also FREE. Of course if someone buys your car they collect $125 fee. The negative side of that is if a Deadbeat Bidder wins your auction, or a scammer clicks your unprotected BIN Listing that eBay till goes ca-ching!  Re-list and another ca-ching! Then there is always the chance a buyer will try to extort money back from you after the sale.  🙄

Oh well such is life in eBay land – where eBay Inc is more interested in shooting their critics than cleaning this scam infested cesspool up! It’s really sad the decay that eBay has suffered. Used to be a really trustworthy place to buy and sell cars!

Phishing Scams Listed On eBay Motors

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