eBay wire transfer guideI was browsing a Google search query for “Scam eBay Wire Transfer” and came across this eBay Guide on the subject. Only problem was, clicking the link brought me to eBay guides home page. eBay had deleted this particular guide from it’s system.

If you are using Google to search the web, to the right of the basic url hint is a little green triangle, this is the cached page link. A cached page is a snapshot that Google took of that search result when they crawled the page. But anyway clicking that triangle brought up this page.

Why would eBay remove this guide from it’s system? After all they have been spamming search with these guides lately. A guide like this is very good information for the consumer.

Sellers Be on the Lookout! New Bank Wire Transfer Scam

After doing business on the internet for nearly a decade I thought we had seen / been through it all……

That was until recently, it appears that our scam artist friends have a new trick.

A new wire transfer scam has emerged. We bank at a major national bank with hundreds of branches across the country, lets call it “BigBank”.

The story begins w/ a customer contacting us on a $15,000 BMW 7 Series. He will offer to pay via wire transfer, and everything appears to be moving along smoothly. My secretary checks my online banking account and there is the $15k in the account instantly. The trick is that the scam artist has not wired the money but gone into a “BigBank” branch hundreds of miles away from Illinois, and deposited a check into our account. Due to our long term standing with the bank and because there is a balance high enough to cover the check, the funds are available immediately, and everything on our Online Banking makes this depost appear exactly the same as a wire transfer. But, yep you guessed it, the check was counterfit and two weeks later my banker called me with the bad news Luckily for us, a horrendous winter storm hit and the scammer was hung up and couldn’t come out get the car… what did he care, he really didn’t pay for it anyways???

A few easy ways to avoid this one:

1. Have your customer contact their bank and have their banker contact you for the wire information, instead of giving it directly to your customer. Not an end all, and obviously a real motivated scammer gets around this, but it should be enough to scare the scammer off from bothering with you. There are plenty of other folks out there begging to get scammed.

2. Call your bank and verify that it was indeed a wire and not a deposit made directly into your account. This pretty much protects you from taking the major hit, but doesn’t not protect you from a loss of time and effort, if indeed it does turn out to be a scam. Avoiding a scam is great, but taking an item off the market for a week and then avoiding a scam isn’t ideal either. Also, when you get a minimum of fifteen wires a week it isn’t fun to have to bother the bank twice a day, generally we just would check our account online, but I guess that is what they are there for right?

3. Tell all of your friends! People must really be getting burnt by this one left and right, I consider myself a pro at sniffing these guys out and this one almost got me.

This is the old eBay method of sweeping fraud awareness off of it’s website. Same thing they have been doing for a long time. eBay want’s you the feel safe when shopping on their website. But eBay is a HUGE TARGET for scammers and will continue to be a scam target as long as the current management is in charge.

Removed eBay Guide: Wire Transfer Scam 10000000003065321
Removed eBay Guide: Wire Transfer Scam 10000000003065321

Doc Sez.. Kick John Donahoe to the curb along with his management team that continue to disrupt the good ole eBay way of buying and selling. Replace them with folks that actually use eBay (Joseph DeMarco the CrazeeNyDriver) need not apply! 🙄