Today I noticed a lot of website traffic from Kuwait looking at an article i wrote back in March 2013 about a Kuwaiti export car buyer that was scammed out of $23K on eBay Motors.

eBay Motors Management has no idea the huge amount of damage negative publicity like this does to their export car buying marketplace

They refuse to verify vehicle sellers and allow anyone to set up an account and list an expensive motor vehicle for sale with no validation whatsoever.

It’s my personal opinion that with John Donahoe, eBay’s CEO trying to turn the eBay marketplace into an Amazon clone, he has nothing to compete with Amazon in used vehicle sales, because Amazon does not sell used cars. So it appears eBay Motors has pretty much been abandoned by high up management. Meanwhile, buyers are getting screwed left and right and he could care less! Examples HEREHERE and HERE.

Kuwaiti and Saudi Export Car Buyers among others in the Middle East have the money to buy our vehicles, but must be scared of getting cheated out of their money. And as this buyer found out eBay Motors Vehicle Purchase Protection (VPP) only covers buyers in the USA and Canada. It’s a crying shame that eBay is allowing fraud like this to continue to occur.

I would appreciate the opportunity to interview this cars buyer for a podcast to be published on this website and on YouTube. If you are the buyer of this car please contact me by commenting on this article.

Kuwait eBay Motors Car Buyer Scammed Website Traffic From Kuwait

It’s all about the bottom line here folks. Trust and Community Values used to be what eBay stood for. Now it’s put on sales promotions and sell franchised dealerships on listing their cars on the motors site.

eBay Original Feedback Community Values

Looks like that’s not working out too well for them, according to this article in Automotive News. 🙄

As usual just my two cents worth 😉