AC NOS Not Vented Gas Cap
AC OEM NOS “Not Vented” Gas Cap

We start out today with a topic about an eBay Motors parts seller that offers OEM Collector Car Parts for sale on eBay

This seller just had TWO auctions ended because the listing title had “NOT VENTED” (as in the style of gas cap it was) in the title.

Once again here is more living proof that eBay knows absolutely NOTHING about the Car Business!

You recently listed the following listing: 171068007516 – 1964-72 Vintage GM AC GT 51 NOT VENTED Gas Fill Cap Original OEM Original NOS and 181165814234 – 1968-1970 Vintage AMC AMX Mopar Gates NOS Gas Fuel Cap Original Not Vented Gas32.

Unfortunately, we had to remove your listing because the following information violates our policy: You listed Vintage AMC AMX Mopar Gates NOS Gas Fuel Cap Original and included “NOT VENTED” in the listing title.

Please be advised to refrain from using the above unrelated keyword in your listing. This is because buyers who are looking for other items using those keysatriani words are also directed to your listings. Please only include words that accurately tell about the item for sale to ensure we provide buyers with relevant search results.

The eBay Motors forum link is HERE. Also of possible interest. If your curious why the eBay boards are now provided by Lithium, this article does a good job explaining the love affair between eBay and Liveworld, and a possible explanation of the split up.

Back to the car scams, I only found one scam listing today. This is a re-list of a 2009 Mercedes-Benz SLK55 AMG Roadster that i featured yesterday. eBay pulled that scam listing but didn’t pull the scammer – who just promptly relisted the same car. 🙄