eBay Has Finally Rolled Out The New And Improved eBay Motors!

I see there is a lot of grumbling going on in the eBay Motors Discussion Board about it. Apparently the search is hosed up – and someone said it is not compatible with the Opera web browser.

Here is a big thread with eBay pinks and site members discussing all the problems!

Last night eBay put a big link on the new site’s home page to get back to the old site, that sure indicates the problems members are commenting on are true.

Here is the go back link – if eBay removes it from the new site – it still might take you back to the old site. If you go back and want to go to the new one – delete your eBay Cookies.


eBay has always released new features that we not fully tested – so this is nothing new for them. I welcome your comments about this new site.


Just my two cents worth as usual 😉