Wonder if these phishing car scams will ever end?

I have a hard time believing eBay don’t know these used car phishing scams are going on right under their nose!

Suspected eBay Motors Car Scam 231008738314
Suspected eBay Motors Car Scam 231008738314

Is John Donahoe so hell bent on turning eBay into an Amazon clone that he just ignores eBay used auto sales? After all Amazon does not sell used cars. Donahoe has nothing to compete with in that department.

Not knowing how the chain of command in eBay works – it’s possible that the motors team are powerless to stop this fraud or make needed policy changes. Possibly scams are the responsibility of whats left of eBay’s trust & safety division that was founded by Rob Chesnut. But regardless of who is responsible this fraud needs to be stopped.

“With eBay giving the 1st 6 listings and 4 photos free they are not even making money on this deal. But are paying dearly in negative pr every time a news article comes out telling how another consumer lost a big chunk of money to a vehicle scam on eBay motors!”

Be sure to check the validity of any second chance offer you receive even if it’s in your eBay messages. Fraudsters are using the eBay mail system to phish bidders on auctions. Your identity can be stolen along with your money!

Have a look at the eBay vehicle fraud that i have been documenting since 2004 above in the classic website menu.

This video shows in great detail how bank wire deposit phishing car scams are operated. Doc exposes this scamming seller “Rebecca” and goes into great depth investigating and exposing the fake eBay toll free support line and IP addresses, phone numbers, etc.

eBay 261239775937 Still Going 07.05.13
eBay 2011 Ford F-350 261239775937 Still Going 07/05/13 – Already Ran 7 Days and was Relisted! 

In this video Doc talks about how scammers are pillaging the eBay Motors community with no apparent regard by eBay CEO John Donahoe. Doc also suggests enabling ID Verify for vehicle sellers to reduce fraud!

It’s Doc’s personal opinion that since Amazon does not sell used cars eBay has nothing to compete with Amazon in that department.

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