This 2008 Porsche Carrera is priced at less than half of book value and smells like a phishing scam all over. Googling it’s VIN up shows the real owners for sale listing at roughly double what the eBay Motors listing price is.

The other is a 2012 BMW X5 5.0 AWD with 34,000 clicks. The suspected scam price is only $36,000. Not a lot of info Googling this ones VIN but it was previously listed by the same seller and relisted. It has ran roughly 9 total days on eBay. I wonder how many prospective buyers were phished on this deal? NADA market guides lists Rough trade in at $$44,900 with Clean retail at $54,475. This BMW has Sucker Bait written all over it!

Phishing scams like these two suspected examples has been going on at eBay Inc since before 2004 when i started documenting it. More evidence is here on our classic scam documentation page. Further info is here on our car scam awareness forums feel free to join in the conversation.

People are loosing serious money to eBay specific vehicle phishing scams. It’s human nature to try and get a great deal, but these scammers are pros at stealing folks money. A newbie to this website will not know the procedure to buy a vehicle and get taken advantage of real quick! Evidence of this is Here and Here.

eBay has shot me twice – and i have no doubt that eBay was behind the Ddos attack on this website in 2011. Unbeknown to me at that time the FBI was investigating eBay VPP Branding fraud. But had been Documenting VPP Fraud for a Full TWO Years Earlier. It’s our belief that eBay launched the DDOS attack on this consumer awareness website to keep the FBI from seeing just how long eBay had been allowing vehicle purchase protection scams to be operated on their website.

This video shows how phishing car scams operate in great detail. After contacting the seller (Rebecca) she tries to reel me in. This particular scam would cost you your Money and Identity if you swallowed the sucker bait.

This is an old Audio Podcast from a fellow by the name of Michael Donahue. He ran a really cool website back several years ago called and talked about eBay and it’s problems with the hacker Vladuz.

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