As eBay’s Niche motor vehicle sales venue is hemorrhaging licensed dealers, insider Hubcap Joe is peddling cheesy rear view mirror placards. As a licensed dealer, wouldn’t you rather have a CarFax Certified marketing placard on your cars?

It’s nobody’s fault but eBay’s that their Motors marketplace has turned into the most untrustworthy automobile used car shopping venue on the net!

Too many people have been taken advantage of! Like this car buyer from Kuwait who bought a 2012 Dodge Challenger and was scammed out of his money. And eBay Vehicle Purchase Protection does not cover vehicle transactions when the buyer is out of the USA!

CrazeeNyDriver HubcapJoes Promoting eBay Motors
HubcapJoes Promoting eBay Motors rear view mirror placards

Marketing cheesy little rear view mirror placards is an absolute joke. I’d rather have a CarFax placard hanging from my car’s rear view mirrors!

And why would a dealer use a marketing method like that for walk ins? The car is already sitting on the lot for sale, and if a buyer is close enough to see your placard why go back home and look the car up on eBay motors and buy it? Only reason i can think of is to threaten the seller with negative feedback if they don’t reduce the price of the car.

Yes folks that’s true. eBay will tell a buyer it’s OK to renegotiate the price if they feel the vehicle was not as described. Evidence of that is here  and here. Shooting the messenger is not going to fix the problem that exists within eBay policy.

eBay can put on seminars to sign up new car dealers. But sellers going through feedback extortion, or the low-ball offers for their cars won’t last long.

They need to get rid of the bad sellers, scammers, and curbstoners, that are ruining eBay Motors once fantastic buying experience. Gain back the credibility and trust the marketplace was founded under. 🙂

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