Know The Internet Car Scam Warning Signs
Know The Car Scam Warning Signs

Fraudsters are up bright and early listing their phishing auctions. Every day it seems there are new FREE seller accounts registered with high dollar vehicles listed for sale.

“Yep every vehicle seller gets SIX FREE listings in a 12 month period. They burn up the account and come back for more under another ID. It’s nothing but a revolving door of fraud. eBay eventually pulls most of the fraudulent listings, but the fraudsters just come back and register another account and the cycle of fraud continues.”

I personally feel this could be stopped by Enabling ID Verify for any NEW private “Vehicle Seller” as it is now it’s just too easy for some fraudster to set up a sellers account and for an eBay newbie to get scammed!

We all know that eBay could care less if someone gets ripped off on their website. It’s simple, they are not liable for any off site transactions, which is how these scams operate. They phish the buyer using eBay’s own message center and take the transaction to private email where the victim gets conned out of his money.

Some of these scams require the buyer to Call “eBay Support” to confirm their transaction” doing so gets the victim’s identity stolen along with his money!

Motors has turned into the ePay Toilet! It wreaks of fraud and John Donahoe could care less. It’s full speed ahead to catch up with and the hell with anyone that gets blind sided in the process. eBay Motors just plain sucks.

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