It appears car scammers are focusing on using Amazon as their preferred fraudulent seller’s agent.

I have noticed a big increase of ‘amazon.’ in my site’s search keywords and key phrases. It’s obvious they are targeting eBay motors less this month by my site’s search queries.

But regardless there are still scams being listed on eBay motors. Here is a big-time phishing scam on this 2013 MERCEDES BENZ GL550 V8 for only $62,000! LOL! It is being offered for scam sale by another new 0 feedback suspected eBay Phisherman ‘wwmanley’ (171063122117). If you check this item number (251253394189) you will see it sold on April 07 2013 for $99,500.00. Anyone falling for this scam will lose a whole lot of money!

I suggest enabling ID Verify for any new ‘vehicle’ seller as it’s just too easy to register a new eBay seller account with a phished credit card number and list a scam car like this, though I kind of doubt we will be seeing eBay put any kind of seller restrictions on vehicle sales any time soon.

Just be sure the deal is legitimate before being conned into sending payment for a vehicle. Read Doc’s popular article called Used Car Buying And Selling Internet Advice. the ASS you save just might be your own! 😉