I thought our friends at eBay Motors were paying attention? These two suspected scams have all the markings of phishing fraud intended to hook some sucker.

Vehicle price advertised is unrealistically low, sellers are advertising an external email address to contact them at, and threatening to cancel bids if buyers don’t contact them first. (eBay policy violation?) And the vehicles listed location does not match eBay’s free experian auto check history report.

The 1st is this 2008 Range Rover Sport HSE that really looks suspicious. It is offered by a new eBay seller that just registered today leverene2 and is sale priced at $19,000 (251292306243).

Next is this 2008 Mercedes Benz CL550 AMG (that he says it’s a BMW in the listing 😆 ) that is offered by another new seller that registered yesterday jjmirage1 sale price $27,500 (321146515948)

If eBay is not planning on enabling some form of new seller restrictions “On Vehicle Sellers” then possibly they can call sellers that list suspicious listings like these to verify their legitimacy.

As is is now – it’s just too easy for someone to be taken advantage of.