It is our opinion that enabling ID Verify for any eBay Vehicle Seller that is either NEW or has not established a selling track record, is a must to stop scammers listing non existent cars and ripping buyers off.

Vehicles are the most costly scams on eBay! One car scam listing can net fraudsters many thousands of dollars! One eBay member has came up with an excellent idea to form ad hoc committees for all major categories in eBay. This would work by having volunteer specialists that know the product being sold in their category. These specialists would have access to scam / fraud reports quickly. The specialists could then review the reported item and have priority access to trust & safety to expedite it’s removal.

It took trust in the beginning when eBay was first conceived to make transactions work. It’s that trust and trustworthy buyers and sellers that cared about maintaining their reputation that especially made internet car sales work.

It’s been NINE YEARS since we started documenting eBay vehicle fraud and the scammers are still pillaging what’s left of that trust and community that eBay once had. I think it’s time for a change!

Restore the eBay Trust ~ Restore the eBay Community Values!

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