Here are our stinks like dead phish suspected phishing car scams for today.

We start out with this 2011 Toyota Sienna XLE minivan that is offered by pavereipa for only $13,000 (151061828074).

Next is this 2012 Jeep Liberty Jet Sport Utility 4-Door 3.7L offered by naty2012us. The listing itself looks OK except for the ads wording raises a red flag, and a previous bidder has labeled the seller a scammer. This very well could be a hijacked eBay account (130926670193).

Next is this 2010 CR-V EX that is offered by othomasina for only $13,000 (181156447454).

There were a slew more that looked dirty but might be legitimate. I bookmarked them for future reference.

Friends, be aware the net is infested with scammers who will steal your money and identity in a flash. It’s what they do and are pros at it!

eBay Second Chance Offer Scam That Will Phish Your Identity AND Steal Your Money!

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