Here is a 2004 Jeep Wrangler 4×4 Sport Right Hand Drive offered by new seller myalexa1 This vehicle is a mail carrier’s dream and is most definitely a phishing car scam.

The fraudster is canceling perfectly legitimate bids. Check out this one’s bid history (271219090980.) The only sure fix to this problem is to enable ID Verify for any new seller that wants to list a vehicle. Vehicles are referred to as “titled property” and can only be sold by their rightful owners. It only makes sense to enable ID Verify for private individuals selling cars!

CrazeeNyDrivers idea of an Adhoc committee is a great idea. This would work by having certain knowledgeable professionals for every eBay category to inspect reported scam listings, and they would have priority access to Trust & Safety to request a listing be taken down. This would cut through the red tape and the time a scam auction sits in a que waiting for the usual staffer to take action. Plus a specialist knows his / her field and could more easily recognize a scam, and expiate taking it down.

But will eBay implement this? Guess we will just have to wait and see. But I’m not holding my breath. Personally speaking, it’s been NINE Long Years that scammers have been pillaging this community. Maybe it time eBay will act and do whats best for whats left of this community – and restore the trust this site once had.

Be especially aware of any second chance offer you receive after losing an auction, it could be fraudulent. Never send even a small deposit until you have confirmed the validity of the offer by contacting the seller through the eBay message center. If a second chance offer is not in your eBay MY Messages it could very well be fraudulent as well. Proceed with caution!

In this actual scammers eBay Invoice for a vehicle – the goal of the scam is to sucker the mark out of an $8450 deposit by bank wire transfer. This scam however has a double whammy twist to it – the fraudsters request you call a toll free number to confirm your purchase. Doing that will get your Identity Stolen as well as your money!

eBay Second Chance Offer Scam That Will Phish Your Identity AND Steal Your Money!

eBay Second Chance Offer Scam That Will Phish Your Identity AND Steal Your Money!


2004 JEEP WRANGLER RHD MAIL DELIVERY 271219090980 Bid History

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