This is a recorded phone call we had today with Bob from Ohio about this failed transaction on eBay Motors. Bob is a long time eBay Member that joined a year later than Doc did back in 1999.

1963 Ford Falcon Convertible
1963 Ford Falcon Convertible

He got shafted several times by eBay as a seller, but this last time was the straw that broke the camels back so to speak. It involved a car dealership in Cannonsburg, PA.

The dealer bought a decent old 60’s Ford Falcon from him, and paid the required $500 deposit by PayPal. The seller properly described the car as a “driver quality” kind of car. In other words the car was a daily driver that ran and drove reliably, but was nowhere near a show quality car, and was not advertised as such.

The buyer called and wanted to come on a Sunday to pick the car up and pay with a check. The terms of sale were CASH on delivery if picking up in person, and a bank wire transfer if having the vehicle shipped. The dealer said they didn’t have the cash on a Sunday and promised to come pick the car up on the following Wednesday.

Wednesday came and the buyer showed up and nit picked the car to pieces and offered less for it. The discussion became heated and the buyer threatened the seller with bodily harm. Bob called the police and after investigating the situation gave the buyer an option to pay the seller or leave. The buyer left and refused to buy the car.

Here is where eBay gives the shaft to Bob. The buyer complained to PayPal and requested his deposit back. There is no PayPal coverage for eBay Motors vehicle deposits, and PayPal closed the case in the sellers favor. Next the buyer called their bank and filed a fraudulent chargeback claiming unauthorized use of his credit card.

She LIED to the bank and the bank took the money back from PayPal who is demanding the seller make a deposit into his PayPal account to cover the negative balance. The seller could smell this coming and emptied his PayPal account, and closed his bank account attached to the PayPal account.

PayPal just blew him off despite him faxing them proof that it was a Vehicle transaction titled property that the buyer refused delivery, including the police report. PayPal never acknowledged the receipt of the documents and refuses to let Bob speak with a supervisor. Another Crappy Deal on eBay Motors.

Here is the podcast. We also discussed eBay forum censorship and another member that apparently got banned from posting on eBay’s discussion boards.

Another Crappy Deal on eBay Motors. At LOW TIDE the Stench Is Unbearable!