Well well, today i see our suspected eBay Motors used car scammer karl.moo is suspended (NARU) in eBay speak.

Suspected eBay Scammer Karl.Moo Suspended
Suspected eBay Scammer Karl.Moo Suspended

Doc first reported his scam listing of a 2011 Mercedes-Benz E Class AMG sedan back on April 15th that was taken down by eBay.

Unfortunately they didn’t suspend his account, so karl.moo comes back and promptly re-lists the same car that ran to it’s completion.

Since then he has had quite an assortment of vehicles listed on eBay Motors. A 2012 Dodge Ram pickup, two ATV’s, a classic Harley-Davidson Sportster that was won for $6000 in a no reserve auction.

His last listing was a 2003 Kawasaki Jet Ski that sold for $2500 BIN with an Immediate Deposit of $500 through PayPal. Hopefully that buyer got his $500 back as PayPal buyer protection does not cover vehicle deposits.

It appears that eBay is finally taking a stand against these scammers who are fleecing their website customers and ruining the sites reputation. Not that it’s reputation was much better before Karl.Moo and his associates came along. It takes trust and credibility to make a long distance vehicle transaction work. Something i feel eBay forgot all about so long long ago.

One thing is for sure – if those were my customers being fleeced by fraudsters – it would be an all out war! But that’s the difference between Doc and eBay! 🙄

The Internet is literally infested with Scammers who will steal your money in a flash!

It’s what they do and they are pros at it. The biggest of all targets is eBay Motors Vehicle Purchase Protection (VPP.) For years fraudsters have been stealing money from gullible vehicle buyers that fell for a too good to be true price.

Be especially aware of any second chance offer you receive after loosing an auction, it could be fraudulent. Never send even a small deposit until you have confirmed the validity of the offer by contacting the seller through the eBay message center. If a second chance offer is not in your eBay MY Messages it could very well be fraudulent as well. Proceed with caution!

In this actual scammers eBay Invoice for a vehicle – the goal of the scam is to sucker the mark out of an $8450 deposit by bank wire transfer. This scam however has a double whammy twist to it – the fraudsters request you call a toll free number to confirm your purchase. Doing that will get your Identity Stolen as well as your money!

eBay Second Chance Offer Scam That Will Phish Your Identity AND Steal Your Money!

It should be noted that the above and below screen captures are Fraudulent. They are not eBay’s terms of vehicle sale. Keep your money in the bank until you can verify the legitimacy of an Internet vehicle deal. Once verifying the deal is legitimate, don’t forget to have the vehicle AND title documentation inspected by a qualified inspector.

If you fall for one of these VPP or Protection Plan Scams your money will be long gone before you can even blink.

And if the deal is for real, IF you do not inspect the vehicle or have it inspected first before sending payment, there is a good chance you might not be pleased with what you receive!

eBay Second Chance Offer Scam That Will Phish Your Identity AND Steal Your Money!

Be a smart internet vehicle shopper – read my article Internet Car Buying Tips before going shopping online for a vehicle. The ass you save might just be your own!