Here are our stinks like dead fish suspected scam listings for 06/01/2013.

First we start out with this 2009 Honda Odyssey EX-L Handicap Equipped Wheelchair van that turns out to be only a basic EX-L, It’s for sale by mberly-rt853 who is a new seller (181150965761).

Next is this 2009 Volkswagen Beetle 2.5 Coupe for auction by fitty234 who also ia a 0 feed backer for only $1900 (271215874879).

Next is this 2010 Honda Accord EX Sedan 4-Door 2.4L that is for sale by another 0 feed backer michal3772fff that we reported on yesterday selling a different car (130920019134).

Next we have this 2009 BMW Z4 3.5i Convertible priced at an incredibly low $17,800 by another 0 feed backer gor09ira (321135464822).

Next is this 2009 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8 that is priced at only $14,500 by yet another 0 feed backer gtvke007 (130919999163). Folks, these listing are called SUCKER BAIT!

“Don’t Swallow The Phishermans Sucker Bait! It will not only cost you your money, but also could get your identity phished (stolen) at the same time.”

2009 BMW Z4 eBay Sucker Bait 321135464822 ~ Don't Swallow The Hook, Line, And Sinker!
2009 BMW Z4 eBay Sucker Bait 321135464822 ~ Don’t Swallow The  Sucker Bait Hook, Line, And Sinker!

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