We got the mother load of eBay Motors scams today! It’s the weekend so the scammers know if their fraudulent listings can make it past midnight, chances are there is nobody working to pull them until next week.

We start out with this 2008 Ford F150 LIMITED SUPERCREW that is actually a Harley Davidson truck by it’s VIN number. It’s offered by new 0 feedback seller prk322arch (171049975692) for only $9,000!

Next is this 2010 Toyota Camry XLE V6 that looks like a legitimate listing but it’s VIN shows who it’s real owner is. It’s offered by another 0 feedback new seller michal3772fff (130919780800).

Next is this 2006 Land Rover Range Rover Sport Supercharged offered for auction by another new 0 feedback seller rosemony838. The listing appears legit, but a quick Google search of the VIN shows it’s for sale by a licensed BMW dealer in CA (171049841532).

Next is this 2007 Cadillac Escalade up for sale by herta34re for only $8,000 (321135421054).

And last is this 2008 Toyota Highlander HYBRID 4WD by another 0 feedback new seller kelseyconner249 for only $9,000 (190848737284). And there was a bunch more that i didn’t have the video time to document.

Folks, don’t fall for these and other similar car scams. I’m a retired licensed auto dealer and can help you make a smart decision buying a used vehicle on the internet.

2008 Ford F150 Internet Truck Scam On eBay Motors ~ 171049975692 ~ Don't Swallow The Sucker Bait!
2008 Ford F150 Internet Truck Scam On eBay Motors ~ 171049975692 ~ Don’t Swallow The Sucker Bait!

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