Today we continue our coverage of suspected eBay Fraudster Karl.Moo who already had one auction pulled by eBay (321108161230)

Only problem was eBay didn’t suspend the scammer (NARU  in eBay speak). So ole Karl.Moo just went back in and re-listed it again (321111048414) that listing ran until it’s completion on 04/26/2013.

Now since we have been publicizing these scams the fraudsters are attempting to legitimize there listings to blend in.

So here comes Karl.Moo back with this 2012 Dodge Ram 4X4 NO RESERVE (321118533232) which has ran for roughly 5 1/2 days now and the bidding is up to $31,600 as of this posting, with roughly 1 day and 14 hours to run.

Lets say the winning bidder bank wires the money (that’s acceptable on ebm vehicles) and of course never receives the truck, will eBay’s Vehicle Purchase Protection cover the claim? In theory if the listing is won on eBay the buyer should be covered up to $50,000 in eBay VPP Coverage. Will eBay deny the listing ever was here and tell the bidder sorry?

And if karl.moo sends out legitimate second chance offers, will those buyers be covered by VPP as well?

Also i wonder whose Credit Card is being used to pay his eBay sellers fees? đŸ™„ OUCH!!