Community Values and Trust made selling vehicles work so well on eBay back in the beginning, but has since then faded into distrust.

We start today’s article and video with a thread on eBay Motors Forum where a buyer sent $25,500 to a seller for this 1981 Phillips Berlina Coupe (171004703535).

phillips berlina coupe ebay trust community valuesThe buyer claims the seller lied through his teeth, and the car needs $5-6k in repairs just to be able to drive and get it registered.

Folks, there is little if any Trust or for that matters Community within eBay today.

Just like one of the below forum participants said, eBay is no different than any other classified website. You can not trust your online trading partners these days!

If your buying a vehicle better get it inspected before sending payment. One firm that has been doing vehicle inspections for many years is and eBay also provides an inspection company, though they are much more pricey than others.

Also before attempting to buy a car online ANYWHERE, read my article “Internet Car Buying Selling Tips” the ASS you Save might wind up being Your Own!

Meanwhile back to the eBay scam listings. I see Karl.Moo is still going strong, and many other scammers we featured last month in videos are still active members.

Guess eBay needs that “Active User” count to fluff their investors. Those fraudsters can come back at any time and list more scams, just like karl.moo did.

The screen captured discussion commented on in this video was removed from eBay’s forum sometime after this post was published. Also it’s cache was removed from Google’s search results.

Can you feel the Trust and the Community Values? Yep that’s my thoughts exactly!

Forum topic about lack of community values and trust

1981 Phillips Berlina Coupe eBay Item # 171004703535

If you missed the link above, Doc urges you to read his popular article “Used Car Buying And Selling Internet Advice” the butt you save might wind up being your own. 😉