Looks like Doc was correct by labeling this 2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS (130900949321) as suspicious yesterday, eBay pulled the listing. But they did not Suspend (NARU) the seller, who will surly list more scams!

We also have a look at eBay scammer KARL.MOO who had a scam listing pulled by eBay last month, but came back and re-listed it. Now he has a 2012 Dodge Ram 4X4 up for auction (321118533232) and has it looking like a normal listing. Chances are after the listing runs it’s full duration he will contact the bidders and try pulling a scam eBay agent buy now price scam.

So it’s very obvious that the scammers are going underground by disguising their scams as normal listings to camouflage and blend in with the rest. Now is the time to be especially aware when bidding on a vehicle on eBay Motors.

Have the vehicle inspected before sending the money!! Also note vehicle deposits are NON Refundable via PayPal so if you send a deposit about the only way of getting your $$ back is by funding the PayPal deposit with a credit card and filing a charge back with the your credit card provider.

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