We’ve noticed an increase of emails asking about eBay, Amazon, and Google Checkout vehicle purchase protection coverage questions.

So we produced this video laying out what is covered and most important, what’s not covered. For starters, you must be an eBay member in good standing and have legitimately won a vehicle auction or clicked a buy-now listing on the eBay website. NO OFF SITE transactions apply!

Never send payment or a deposit for a vehicle until you have had the vehicle inspected, and checked the title to be sure there are no liens, and that the title is registered in the sellers name. Read the vehicle purchase protection (VPP) fine print here so you know upfront what’s NOT covered! 😉

And before you commit to any car deal on line read Doc’s Used Car Buying And Selling Internet Advice, link above. The rear end you save might just wind up being your own. 😎