It starts with a car for sale with a dirt cheap price. Before the buyer knows it his money is gone! Folks.. Come On – Wise Up. Don’t swallow the sucker bait!

From this eBay Motors Forum Post:

E-Bay Scam on e-bay autos-Invoice from e-bay motors no ligit!!
Apr 2, 2013 05:20 PM

I purchased a car from e-bay motors, so I thought I was. Had several discussion with seller, several e-mails, received invoice from e-bay motors confirming the transaction just like the seller said would happen. Invoice adked for a deposit to be sent via bank transfer, which I did. Guess what, I got a second request for a second deposit or the deal would be cancled and deposit refunded. These are all Indian accent people (I don’t mean American Indian) that you speak to and they answer only enough questions to keep you interested. I received an invoice for the purchase price requesting a deposit of $9,000 via a bank wire.

The invoice came from e-bay motors looked ligit, so I followed the instructions. Seller confirmed the receipt of funds and said the vehicle was picked up for shipping. Next day, I get another e-mail requesting a second deposit. I called the “so called” customer number and they said that e-bay finance requested the additional funds. I started questioning this stating that it was not part of the original T&C’s and asked to speak to the finance people. I was told this is not possible, that they don’t speak directly to the customers. (BIG RED FLAG IN MY BOOK) Called e-bay motors cust serv and after several calls and multiple people, one of the reps told me that I have been scammed. Bank can do nothing, e-bay say’s they can do nothing because it is a transaction outside of e-bay. No warning at all on e-bay site, no heads up for first time buyers when I was told told by an e-bay representative that someone has hacked this members account and is redirecting the purchase procedures. I’ve been suckered big time.

If you can’t bother to do your homework first – by having the vehicle inspected or inspecting it yourself the odds are you will get taken.

Scammer Email Message Is A Photo
Scammers Email Message is a Photo on some hijacked website.  Be Aware!

These scammers are pros at stealing suckers money – it’s what they do and are pros at suckering people.

Lharper100 eBay Motors Post Topic - How *I* Lost $9,000.00 On eBay
Lharper100 eBay Motors Post Topic – How *I* Lost $9,000.00 On eBay

The Hluis forum posters are talking about is this Con the Conman post from many years ago. It still brings chuckles to this day.

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