eBay Motors Seller YourGMDealer just got their 4th Negative Feedback!

They accepted my offer and then sold the car and will not honor the deal!


To date YOURGMDEALER has not left any of their buyers feedback either.  So this eBay GM Deal is looking more like a deal made with the devil to do business outside of eBay!

In other words GM appears to be using the eBay Motors Platform to harvest leads for their dealerships salesperson’s. If you make an offer on a vehicle the person or persons in charge get an email from eBay with the item number and that eBayers offer. I’m suspecting that they are also getting that buyers name and phone number as well from eBay. The salesperson then calls or emails the potential buyer and a deal is soon made off of eBay.

Next lets look at the number of GM vehicles listed on eBay. Last time i looked there were over 11,000 GM vehicles for sale. In order for this process to work there will have to be several persons working the GM leads, so they need to send the emails to each dealership who has vehicles listed under the main eBay account “yourgmdealer”.

The easy way to accomplish this is forward a copy of each email to multiple recipients.  So you potentially could have a large group of salesperson’s in a “boiler room” working various leads and making pre-sales with closers set up to finalize the transaction and deliver the vehicle.

This GM eBay trial also makes me wonder if eBay is planning on doing away with feedback all together? Obviously GM’s feedback score totally sucks – and eBay’s members on their discussion forums will warn any potential buyers not to do business with a member that has such horrible feedback.

These are only my thoughts on the matter – and opinions may vary.  But it really sucks that the rest of the sellers on eBay must follow site policy and not take business off of eBay or be suspended.

Oh well.. Another eBay Day.. Another Neg For YourGmDealer!


As usual – Just my two cents worth 😉