Here is another tale of woe from an unhappy eBay Motors SUV Buyer.

From this eBay motors forum post:

What Actions to Take when you buy a vehicle with loads of unlisted problems
Mar 11, 2013 06:39 PM

I bought a vehicle (2003 Range Rover) through ebay and seller says everything is fine with the vehicle. but turns out to have numerous problems

-Thermostat not connected properly resulting in an blown engine( warped cylinder heads, etc)
-Keys do not work for outside locks and barely works for ignition.
– Navagation screen is crack.
– other small problems.

VPP said they can not cover it since it is more then ten years? old. I am from Canada and the vehicle is from Florida. So i was just wondering if there is anything thing you guys would recommend doing.


Back in the beginning of eBay and after eBay Motors was launched, there was a system of two way feedback, and most important of all, Credibility. Sellers were proud to properly represent their autos and earn fantastic feedback profiles.

The big difference between eBay and a Classified website was it’s ability to close a transaction online. eBay was a trusted community of buyers and sellers who often traded together. High profile widget sellers bought vehicles from eBay sellers, as well as newbies that registered an eBay account just to purchase a vehicle.

My.. What a difference 6-10 years has done to this once #1 Auto Buying/Selling platform. Now you better research a vehicle before purchasing. So be sure to have a vehicle and it’s title documentation inspected before handing over the money.

Feedback is now only one way, and Bids on eBay Motors are Non-Binding. And that $50K eBay Motors VPP Coverage has many exclusions that don’t cover most situations.

It’s sad to see this once mighty website fall into an untrustworthy source on the net to purchase a vehicle.

Buyer Upset Over Misrepresented eBay Range Rover Purchase
Buyer Upset Over Misrepresented eBay Range Rover Purchase

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