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Actual email Doc received from another Internet motor vehicle fraud victim who lost $20,000 to a cleverly baited bank wire transfer scam:

Warning Scams Ahead
Beware of low prices intended to hook a sucker.

On January 31, 2013, I saw an Ebay listing #290854462760 for a Toyota Highlander. The listing said to contact the seller via email [email protected]

I contacted the seller and he agreed to sell me the 2008 Highlander Hybrid for $20,000 On February 8, the Seller sent me an Ebay invoice that had the description of the SUV and requested payment of $20,000 via wire transfer. The email has a chat button to chat with a person for Ebay. I clicked the Ebay chat button and the person on the other side verified that the money I send would be held in escrow by Ebay. The Seller told me that the SUV will be delivered and I would have one week to verify that everything was ok and then Ebay would release the payment to him.

The Seller called me several times and he claimed his name was Thomas Everett and his phone number was XXX-XXX-XXXX. I asked the Seller why Ebay would use a Wire Transfer Account to First Niagara Bank and the account was listed under Efrain Garcia Junior. The Seller told me that Ebay used First Niagra Bank for Escrow and that Efrain Garcia Junior was an employee of Ebay. All of this was confirmed by the person I chatted with (this was the person who claimed they are with Ebay when I clicked the chat button on the Ebay invoice).

I spoke to Seller several times from on February 4-12. On Feb 9th, I initiated the wire transfer of $20,000 from my bank (Bank of America) to the requested account 0079004XXXXX at First Niagra Bank (routing number 22237XXXX) at 1135 5th Ave. East McKeesport, PA 15035. Per the invoice, the bank account was listed under Efrain Garcia Junior and the account holders address was XXX Evans, McKeesport PA, 15132. On Feb 11th, Bank of America called me to fix a typo on the wire transfer form and then sent the wire transfer to the above account. The Seller told me he lived in Jacksonville and his address is 13XXX Shipwatch Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32225.

On Feb 11th, I called the Seller and informed him that the wire transfer has been sent to Ebay. I faxed a copy of the Wire Transfer confirmation to X-XXX-XXXX as that was the fax number listed in the ebay invoice sent by the seller. The Seller told me that he would ship the car the next day thru Dependable Auto Shippers (DAS). The Seller told me that he would send me the DAS tracking number after the SUV has been shipped. On Feb 12th, I spoke to the Seller and he told me that the SUV has been shipped at 11am and he would sent me the tracking number later in the day.

On February 13th, I woke up and noticed that the Seller had not sent me the DAS tracking number. I called and emailed the Seller several times and there was no response. This was very unusual as the Seller responded right away before I sent payment. By the afternoon of Feb 13th, I was worried and called Ebay to verify that the money I sent was in escrow. Ebay informed me that they had no record of the transaction and that I had been the victim of a fraud. Ebay asked me to call my bank (Bank of America) and also file a case with the Police and the FBI. I have filed a case with the Santa Clara Sherrif’s office. I have been cheated by this person (who calls himself Thomas Everett and has a bank account under the name Erfain Garcia Junior). This person must be brought to justice and stopped from defrauding other people.

I am requesting the your help in getting my $20,000 returned. Kindly let me know your suggestions on what I should do. Questions: should I sue Ebay for having the fraudulent listing? What has been your experience of people suing Ebay to get thier money back? Your advice would be much appreciated. I just need to get my hard earned $20,000 back

Regards, Xxxxxxx

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