eBay Motors appears to have become just another common everyday automotive classified website. Without the community values and trust the venue was founded on it’s flatlining.

From this eBay Motors forum post: I won a vehicle Tuesday. I contacted the seller and we scheduled for me to fly up to NC the next day and give him CASH.

After flying out at 5:30 am, arriving there at 8:30, renting a rental car, i start blowing up his phone. He finally calls back at 9:30 saying I need cash NOW in hand. I wanted to meet him at my bank and a PUBLIC PLACE. I googled straight to the nearest Wells Fargo and yanked the money out (10am).

I started blowing up his phone again leaving message after message. he never got back with me. At around 3:00 pm I started realizing “I have to fly BACK now and the last flight leaves at 4:00 pm” My wife calls and told me of another vehicle like it 30 MINUTES AWAY in the same state. I refused to go back without my wife’s birthday present then. HELP, WHAT can i do?

Ouch! Whatever happened to car sellers with good feedback that could be trusted to buy a car from long distance? Apparently the trust is long gone. eBay Motors bids are NON Binding according to eBay Policy. So other than eBay Motors VPP as a form of insurance which is very limited in coverage, if the vehicle turns out to be not as described ~ your stuck like chuck!

It’s my personal opinion that without the trust that Pierre Omidyar founded eBay on, including two way credible feedback and binding transactions, eBay Motors has been reduced to that of a common everyday classified website.

eBay Motors Credibility - Long Distance Car Deal Goes Bad!
eBay Motors Credibility – Long Distance Car Deal Goes Bad!

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