Doc stumbled across NEW eBay Motors Blog earlier in the week. It’s a free blog software with a clean ad free theme. BUT he just had to comment on it’s featured vehicle this week.

A 1967 base model Cougar that it’s owner says it’s “nicer than new.” I somehow have to disagree with that statement. The carpets are badly faded, it looks like over spray on the right door sill, and whoever painted the engine also painted the distributor and heater hoses Ford blue.

Someone probably will be screaming like hell when they get this one!

I like this one better, and IT would have been a better choice to feature on your blog.

Anyhooooo.. the Official eBay Blog is at

Here is the Cougar:
And the Torpedo Jag:

On eBay Motors: Cougar:
And the Torpedo Jag: