eBay hacker Vladuz released from prison. This is a translation of THIS ARTICLE posted on adevarul.ro

Vladuz - eBay's Hacker From Hell
Vladuz – eBay’s Hacker From Hell

In Drăgăşani, people have seen today, in freedom, Liviu Mihail Concioiu (23 years), after which the hacker the FBI and Secret Service, arrested on September 23, 2010 for fraud on the Internet. “I visit her sister, parents, in his apartment and not go up and not someone else. No longer hide when going through town and give greeting acquaintances, “one tenant told us. Valcea DIICOT chief prosecutor, Valentin priestess, told us:” Alan Concioiu was released by the Court of Appeal on the grounds that Pitesti social threat. It has but banned from leaving the city. The freedom are investigated all the other members of the group. “

Liviu Concioiu launched two attacks like phishing over 3315 employees auction company eBay, thereby avoiding their password and ID. “Chatting it contacted an employee of IT service, saying it employed the same department in Shanghai no longer able to access the account using username and password received from him to enter the eBay business data “, says the indictment DIICOT Valcea. Concioiu, with accomplices, and opened bank accounts with false identification papers to more U.S. banks. All Concioiu coordinated criminal organization attacking another bank customer information the Italian Post, asking them to tell the card data, so they can take possession of bonuses granted by mail. “If we leave 1,000 messages 100 of people give me the required data, “said Concioiu. Of the 509 Italian fraud, only 29 were verified by the Italian Letter.

The company was injured eBay believes that the amount of $ 5,891, another $ 411,933 is the injury of American citizens and companies. Cyber ​​attacks on clients, Poste Italiane has resulted in a loss of 75,405 euros. In case Concioiu are investigated, all at large: Nicolae Vlad (25 years) of Olanu, Ardelean Calin (26 years) in Arad. It was due to the accused disjoint Mădălin Constantin mouth (located abroad), Vlad Simona Gabriela Magda, an Italian citizen Francesco Caserta, Vasile Irinel Ciorhan (arrested in another case), Peter Valerian Dumitraşcu, Madalina Constantin Ionut Gheorghe Stoian and Anthony (last of them investigated in Italy for similar offenses). Italian investigators are awaiting the results of the Letter from which to prove fraud committed by the group and the other 480 clients of the bank’s Italian Post.

Doc read somewhere that eBay hired Vladuz. A hacker that’s as good as Vladuz would be a valuable asset to any Internet companies IT department showing companies the weaknesses in their systems.