PayPal Advance Payment Seller Phishing Scams
PayPal Advance Payment Seller Phishing Scams

Seems nothing has changed in this advance payment scam department. Doc have seen so many attempted Private eBay Motors Buyer Scams it isn’t even funny.

Scammers usually only prey on Private Sellers as they know the Dealers are well aware of their scams!

This morning he received an email from a private seller of a Harley Davidson Motorcycle. The official eBay Motors Auction Winner was attempting an Advance Payment Scam on the seller. The seller was smart and checked around to see if this was a scam or not before going ahead with the deal.

The way this scam works is. The scam buyer tries to convince the seller he has paid with PayPal and has included $1500 additional in the PayPal payment to be sent by Western Union to his shipping agent.

The scammer is using PayPal’s funds hold policy to claim the funds are being held until the seller sends that $1500 shipping fee to his agent. After the seller sends the $$ by Western Union and emails the MTU Number to PayPal the funds are supposed to be released to the seller. Only thing is, It’s all a scam and no money was ever sent to the sellers PayPal Account to begin with.

If the seller would have sent that $1500 VIA Western Union he would have been had! Good guys 1 Scammers 0!

Here is some helpful advice to hopefully get your vehicle sold and paid for.

#1. PayPal does not accept Payment in FULL for Vehicles (cars, motorcycles, boats, rvs, air planes) The most a vehicle seller can accept via PP for a vehicle is $3,000! I always advise vehicle sellers to only accept a small deposit via PayPal, usually $200-300 is sufficient to ensure a buyer is serious about completing the transaction. The safest method for getting paid for a vehicle is a Bank to Bank wire transfer. Once a buyer sends the money it can’t be reversed and is safe and secure in your bank account.

#2. There is no such thing as an eBay Agent that collects money for sellers. This is a very popular advanced payment scam scam that is usually used with the eBay Motors VPP Scam that the FBI recently announced via their Website. If you were defrauded in an internet transaction be sure to file a report there!

#3. You have to protect yourself when listing a vehicle on eBay Motors. One of the things eBay refuses to do is verify or regulate bidders on vehicles or any other high dollar item. To eBay this Harley Davidson was SOLD and charged the seller a TSF (transaction service fee) on vehicles to get around dealer licensing laws. Vs FVF on eBay Core. If you get whacked by a scam buyer be sure to file an Unpaid Item Strike against the buyer to get your TSF back!

#4. Be sure to Set Your Buyer Requirements. This is the most important step you can take to protect yourself against scam buyers. The 1st and most important thing to do is require anyone that bids have a PayPal account. This setting alone will block scammers like the below (already naru example). You can also block buyers who have had unpaid item strikes filed against them. You can also pull your bidders contact info and Call Them On The Telephone to verify their sincerity. And block bidders in countries that you do not ship. This option should be well thought out before selecting it.

If you are selling a collector car, buyers in Europe love old American Cast Iron and have the $$ to pay for it. So if that’s what you are selling think twice before blocking buyers from Europe. Also do not hesitate if a European buyer wants to send pmt by bank wire transfer. This is the preferred choice of Europeans paying for vehicles. And like i said above it’s best to ask for a small $200-300 deposit via PayPal to seal the deal after the auction ends.

#5. Spell out your Payment Terms in your listing. Be sure to specify any deposit amount, and when it is required. Usually within 24-48 hours. Note that PayPal vehicle deposits are NON Refundable, and you should specify that in your listing. Specify how the balance should be paid (bank wire transfer is best), and how long a buyer has to send payment in full. Also be sure to specify how much time a buyer has to pick up the vehicle. NEVER NEVER Take more than a small deposit by PayPal. The PayPal account could be stolen, or the buyer files a charge back if funding the PayPal pmt by credit card. PayPal will take that money back out of your PP account or attached bank acct or credit card on file in a NY Minute! It’s not worth taking the chance to a stranger in another state or country that you do not know! Last but not least, if you are selling a used car, it should be Sold AS-IS with no warranty.

Even though eBay Motors Vehicle Auction bids and Fixed Price Listings are NON BINDING! It’s still best and cover your azz and spell it all out in your listing to eliminate any confusion after the sale is made.

It’s real tough these days getting a vehicle sold on eBay Motors AND Paid For! But if you protect yourself you have as good of a shot as anyone of coming out a winner in the end!

eBay Motors Buyer Advance Payment Scam Email From PayPal
eBay Motors Buyer Scam Email From PayPal
Advanced Payment Scam Email Allegedly From eBay Giving The Seller Instructions To Pay The Shipper / Agent
Scam Email Allegedly From eBay Giving The Seller Instructions To Pay The Shipper / Agent

eBay Buyer Fraud Using Western Union Pulled On Private Vehicle Sellers - Scammer NARU

It’s a crying shame that eBay allows this shenanigans to go on. But they get PAID whenever something SELLS, Regardless if the seller gets PAID or NOT. Talk about a house of cards – and you know the old saying – the HOUSE always WINS!