This counterfeit Dependable Auto Shippers Website was uncovered by Internet Scammers Blog. This website is probably used in conjunction with the Fake eBay VPP Scam and Scam eBay Live Support Chat websites.

Fake Dependable Auto Shipping Website

Fraudsters use look-a-like websites in an attempt to add visual legitimacy to their illegal operations. Don’t swallow the sucker bait and lose your money!

Together a few sites like these look good to the untrained newbie vehicle shopper!

See the Who Is Record for this domain, which was probably registered with someones stolen credit card. Note the Difference in the Real DAS Website Look Up and the Scam Site!

Beware of scams like this! You can always do a Who Is Look Upon a website fast and easy. Just CLICK HERE and enter the websites name. A legitimate company will not use a Private Registration to hide their identity!

Scammers are real convincing – If you fall for one of their scams you will without a doubt loose your money lightning fast! 😥

Don’t say Ole Doc didn’t try and warn ya.. 😉

Dependable Auto Shippers Fraudulent Website Who Is Lookup
Dependable Auto Shippers Fraudulent Website Who Is Lookup

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