eBay Warnings About Vehicle Purchase Protection Fraud
eBay Warnings About Vehicle Purchase Protection Fraud

I see the FBI IC3 has finally issued a fraud warning about Scammers hawking eBay Motors VPP Protection Scams.

It appears that only after the FBI Issued their warning about eBay’s VPP being used by Scammers to defraud the general public on eBay Motors Itself, Craigslist and other sites, did eBay throw up a bunch of warnings, including one on the eBay Motors home page. They will only warn you about fraud after being forced to by other means.

I know we have been reporting these type of scams since Mid 2009 and were the 1st to screen capture a Scammers Fraudulent eBay Live Support Chat in action.

I suspect that eBay got word of this pending FBI VPP investigation. And in a desperate attempt to sweep the evidence i had collected under the rug, arranged for the devastating DdoS Attack on my server that took us offline for close to a month.

eBay Motors Wire Transfer IS Allowed Vehicle Purchase
eBay Lies: Motors Vehicle Wire Transfer IS Allowed!

So beware if that car your found on eBay Motors, Craigslist, or anywhere else is priced too low to be for real. Scammers rely on Americans being greedy and thinking there scam is for real.

Also there is a strong possibility of Scammers accessing eBay Motors bidder info and sending false second chance offers to under bidders of closed auctions by franchised dealers.

If you can’t physically go look at and inspect a vehicle, or hire a 3rd party inspector to inspect that vehicle for you, DO NOT Send Payment for it. And whatever you do, don’t send money to an eBay Agent or send pmt by Western Union!

These Scammers are so slick.. They specialize in but one thing, Stealing YOUR Money and are very convincing! The false emails they send look real! See some examples here.

So Don’t fall for these scams and keep your money in the bank!