Wow.. Look at this announcement post about the NEW eBay Motors! 993 Replies and about to hit 1000. Who is going to snipe the thousandth post?

It’s really interesting how eBay could totally louse up a good thing like eBay Motors.


Now they are sending out surveys to the dealers that list on eBay Motors but they can’t even properly program their survey to accept a dealers response to the questions.. LOL!

In the below example someone sent me, eBay thinks the most cars a dealer should list anywhere in 6 MONTHS is 99! Hello Bozos.. Many dealers list and actually SELL 100’s and even Thousands of cars in a 6 month period!


And these clowns are so interested how many cars dealers are actually selling elsewhere, but limit the number to 99! Are they that clueless? Or are they trying on purpose to skewer the results of the survey?


They just don’t have a clue about the car business – and obviously don’t have a clue how to build a website for selling cars, vintage car parts, and anything else automotive that fits within the theme of the site.

Another possible reason for poor sales on eBay Motors is that eBay is limiting what the search engine crawlers are allowed to index on their site. I think this is all about best match search controlling whose items are allowed to be visible on the site.

Doc has done Google searches for dealers cars listed on

eBay Motors by the VIN number and found them on,, other classified sites, the dealers website, but they do not come up on eBay Motors.

He has also been researching how consumers are finding their next car. The greatest majority of buyers are using search engines like Google to find vehicles close to their location. is doing an excellent job of getting a link to their listings close to the top of the 1st page, in the free standard results. is also getting their listings in a decent place.

I did find an eBay Motors link on page 7 of a recent vehicle search, Ouch! By the 3nd page the average consumer has probably found something to go look at or contacted the seller for further details.

How are your sales doing? Where are you listing your cars for sale? If your still selling on eBay Motors how are you doing?