It’s interesting that someone behind eBay’s Corporate Network would be commenting on posts on this website. Though they usually go through a proxy server to hide their true identity.

This commenter followed a link to one of our postings over from Cappnonymous forums (another thorn in eBay’s side) where someone posted a link to THIS POST we published a few months ago about a Harley Davidson that had it’s odometer tampered with.

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OriginAS: NetName: EBAY-QA-IT-1 NetHandle: NET-216-113-160-0-1

Parent: NET-216-0-0-0-0

NetType: Direct Assignment

RegDate: 2003-05-09 Updated: 2003-10-17


OrgName: eBay, Inc


Address: 2145 Hamilton Ave

City: San Jose

StateProv: CA

PostalCode: 95008

Country: US

RegDate: 1998-11-02

Updated: 2005-12-19

eBay has became just what it is these days. It’s a great place to buy cheap office supplies, and other stuff of low value. But i don’t think i would buy a Laptop or a Diamond on eBay.

While John Donahoe and his staff have done a pretty good job of getting rid of the bad sellers, and giving buyers pretty good purchase protection, It seems they have not done much to clean up eBay Motors.

eBay has managed to totally destroy a website that built trust into the car business back in it’s early days. I personally think eBay could clean this garbage dump up, but just don’t care any more.

eBay Motors lures a newbie in to sell his family sedan under a FREE Listing. Yea there is a $125 FVF if it sells, (transaction service fee – to get around vehicle licensing laws). But the newbie seller has no idea how to protect themselves and soon winds up with a sport bidder, or a Nigerian scammer trying to work an advance payment scam on the seller. But it’s Caching right in the eBay cash register $125 in the bank. The newbie might try this 3 or more times and Caching, Caching, Caching, right in the eBay Corporate Till. Most sellers don’t know they can get those fees back by filing an unpaid item dispute, and just give up!

This is a Rigged Game! eBay knows the chances of getting a deadbeat or scammer to end a listing is real good. They know who is bidding and buying cars on their website. Did you know that a car dealer selling on eBay Motors can request an Immediate Deposit via PayPal, but a private seller can not.

Requesting an immediate deposit is the best way to list a vehicle at fixed price on eBay Motors. But Joe Average listing the family sedan can not protect themselves using this method, and Caching the eBay Corporate Till rings up another SALE! Too bad the Buyer Never PAID the seller!

eBay needs to clean this Garbage Dump Up! Get rid of the deadbeat and shill bidders. Require anyone that bids on an Automobile to be verified somehow. Even Yahoo was years ahead requiring anyone that bid on a car have a Yahoo Wallet.

It’s all about TRUST to make something like a Vehicle Sale online work. eBay used to have that trust, but collecting fees and milking the Golden Goose to Death was more important than Enforcing the Credibility and Trust among  trading partners. Now look at the untrustworthy mess eBay Motors has became!

Meanwhile.. I see that eBay Never Fixed Their XSS Redirect Flaw that we have reported for many many years!

From Cappnonomous Blog.

Not surprisingly, the cross scripting, xss,  and/or flash manipulation scam is alive and well on ebay, this time documented by a casual observer.  This has also been documented time and again by myself and others on Youtube BTW.

For those not aware, these ID stealing flaws, through careful research, have been shown to exist uncorrected on ebaY for as long as 11+ years now.

What’s even more alarming: you don’t need to actually sign in to any fake login page to have your credentials stolen, thanks to the cookie stealing variant of this hack.

Top that off with the fact that ebay’s own policy is to blame the user/victim.

Numerous comments on my videos also indicate that victims are treated poorly and unprofessionally by ebaY’s customer service reps.

Trying to find a part for your family sedan can be a chore too. The parts compatibility program might be a good idea if it worked right. That’s another subject within itself!