Ghiuri Simionescu Romanian Scammer
Ghiuri Simionescu Romanian Scammer

As a reminder to those of you thinking you can get a Bargain Car in Excellent Condition, with Low Mileage, along with FREE Shipping for HALF or Less than BOOK VALUE, Think Again!

This website was started in 2004 to warn potential used car buyers about internet vehicle scams. Seven years later the Scams still exist. Fraudsters rely on buyers gullibility of thinking they will get something for next to nothing!

Through the years as computer and internet technology has evolved, so have the scammers. And scammers are down right sneaky. They are pros at what they do best. Steal Money from GREEDY GULLIBLE PEOPLE who think there is a Bargain Used Car at the end of the Rainbow!

Unfortunately most folks don’t realize they have been scammed until after the fact. They then search for the sellers name and find websites like this one in a desperate attempt to recover their money, which unfortunately for them is long gone!

One such scammer is Romanian Teenager, Ghiuri Simionescu, pictured to your right. Ghiuri along with thousands of other fraudsters are getting rich on greedy sheep as they call American Suckers!

There seems to be an unlimited supply of suckers willing to part with their hard earned money. By falling for these scams we are enabling the cons from abroad. If there were no easy marks, the scammers would be out of business!

Internet scams got their start on eBay but eventually spread to Craigslist,, and hundreds of smaller sites, and even newspaper classifieds paid for with someones stolen credit card.

No website or publication is immune to these kind of scams. The best way to spot a scam is the unusually low price, and often only one photo, and a message to email the seller for more photos. This opens the door for the scammer to start reeling the sucker in. Don’t fall for it.

The scams are far from gone since the early days of screaming in big letters on a listing “BUY ME NOW FOR $6400 USD”, the scammers have became better educated on how they work their scams with much more trickery and low key deceit.

Scammers often even have their own VPP scam lookalike websites, that even have fake live support to reel the suckers in.

One such site is pictured in this video we produced last year.

And no matter what website you are on, beware of scammers that list a car and embed redirect code into the listing. The whole idea of this scam is to bait a popular website with a cheap priced automobile (usually under a hijacked account) and wait for the suckers to click onto the listing. The prospective buyer is then swept away in a flash to a scam “look alike website” where the victim is quickly snared in this cleverly baited trap.

Here is a video we produced of one redirect scam captured on screen video. Watch it sweep the used car internet shopper off eBay to a fraudster controlled website.


Just remember: There is NO Free Lunch! And there is no Bargain Car with FREE Shipping coming to you from Overseas on a Military Transport. Or some other clever scammers email promising you the deal of a lifetime!


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