Another eBay seller is busted selling stolen merchandise. Doc will never understand why eBay does not require Motors seller verification. It’s just like it always has been. If you can pay your fees – you can sell on eBay. eBay will continue to profit from fraud as long as they are allowed to run a sloppy selling format.

This seller was suspended in 2008 for selling counterfeit clothing. eBay let him register a new account and sell again. Internet crime and eFencing will continue until websites like eBay are required to verify where sellers merchandise is coming from.

From this article: Police released photographs of the broken up motors as Shoayb Patel, 26, of Blackburn, was sentenced to three years and four months in prison.

Arif Gorji, 31, also of Blackburn, was jailed for two years and eight months. Both admitted concealing criminal property.

The men sold component parts of stolen luxury cars, including Audi TTs, BMW 550s and BMW M5s, over a two-and-a-half year period through their firm JG Salvage in Wythenshawe, Manchester Crown Court heard.

Gorji, who had previously been jailed for selling counterfeit clothing on eBay in 2008, set up an account called UKSALVAGE2012 on the auction site, which was used to sell more than £18,000 worth of stolen car parts.

But the gang were caught when a prospective buyer responded to an advert for ‘genuine Audi RS4 Recaro interior bucket seats’ for sale on eBay.  He visited a salvage centre in Wythenshawe, Manchester to buy them, but became ‘suspicious’ and tipped off police who discovered further bases in Blackburn and Leicester.

Chop Shop Busted Selling Stolen High Line European Luxury Car Parts On eBay
Chop Shop Busted Selling Stolen High Line European Luxury Car Parts On eBay. Article permalink.

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