2006 Ford F-350 XLT Diesel Dually with a Salvage Title on eBay Motors 

The truck is indeed a flat out bargain even with a salvage title. That is IF it’s been properly repaired. And if the buyer can transfer it’s salvage title in his home state. Lots of little things just don’t add up on this one. Truck is in Massachusetts but it’s got Oregon tags on it, and has an Louisiana title.

But the seller seems to have an answer for everything! The buyer is really using suggested due diligence and asking the necessary questions before flying to Mass from Florida to pay the seller and pick it up. This discussion has over 100 replys.

Next is the eBay Member that bought a Classic Panel Truck on eBay Motors and is getting a shipping run around from the seller. This buyer actually listed the truck he bought on eBay Motors to apparently give the seller (A Clearwater FL Dealer – Golden Classics) some Negative PR. I have to give him a big thumbs up for that!

Nothing Like Using eBay Motors To Give Seller Negative PR. LOL!
Nothing Like Using eBay Motors To Give Seller Negative PR. LOL!

And then there is the one “*ucked By An eBay Motors Seller”  Seems that KIP KILLMON’S TYSONS FORD Misrepresented an old Mercedes 300D Turbo Diesel. Guess the buyer never reviewed the sellers feedback. That feedback really sucks! There is nothing like buying some old rusted out POS from the Northeast USA.

This buyer “Obviously A Blond” 😎 bought an old rusted out POS Nissan Pathfinder for 3K and is whining to eBay to help her out. Had she had it inspected FIRST before buying she wouldn’t be stuck like chuck! There is ABSOLUTELY NO eBay VPP Coverage on any vehicle older than 10 Years. And there is an out clause that they can use for COVERED Vehicles IF the buyer didn’t have it Inspected!

Then last but not least. Here is the guy that bought a Motorcycle on eBay Motors.  But can’t contact the seller AFTER Paying the $1400.00 Deposit through PayPal. Interesting wording in the listing “selling because of custody battle need cash fast call 2252465765” OUCH! I wouldn’t have sent a penny up front after reading that. PayPal does not cover Vehicle Deposits! So unless the seller comes through, this buyer might wind up stuck like Chuck. That is unless he funded his PayPal payment with a credit card and can initiate a charge back with his card company.

There are some real good deals on eBay Motors – but you have to do your homework and inspect the vehicle, check the title for any liens etc.

Oh well.. Just my two cents worth as usual! 😉